The statue of Marcelo Gallardo in River: they analyze by filing the disproportionate horse at the gates of the Monumental

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The disproportionate size of the statue’s horse Marcellus Gallardo That River inaugurated last Saturday at the foot of the Monumental stadium was one of the trends that not only dominated social networks, but was also present in most of the chats with friends or family during the long weekend. This Monday, the novelty lies in the fact that an intervention is being studied on the monument to ‘Muñeco’ to reduce the area which has caused much controversy.

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This has been confirmed at clarion from the environment of the ideologue of the movement, Charles Trillo, although they have clarified that there is no final decision on the matter yet. Speaking of the sculpture, in fact, there wasn’t even a return from Gallardo, bearing in mind that Saturday was a very moving day and in which the most successful coach in the history of Slumdog Millionaire was moved all the time.

In any case, in the event of a change, it would not be necessary to mobilize the place where it was, since the sculpture mercedes salvall I may work in the same place.

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Inauguration of the statue of Marcelo Gallardo Photo Enrique García Medina

Inauguration of the statue of Marcelo Gallardo Photo Enrique García Medina

Starting this Saturday 27 and after the big event organized by the institution, the hundreds and thousands of fans, families and children who come to that area of ​​the city of Buenos Aires have the opportunity to take a selfie or pose next to the Colossus ” Doll” 7 meters high and 6.3 tons in weight which is near the river camp.

Of course, a very particular detail stands out in the sculptor’s creation mercedes salvall, who was entrusted with the work at the request of the aforementioned Trillo. While respecting Gallardo’s features with virtuous rigour, DT’s groin area is disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body.

Once the statue was discovered, this situation did not go unnoticed by anyone in Núñez, much less on social networks, where memes, jokes and comments circulated, even overshadowing the emotional speech that the Doll made on stage or the presence of many characters and idols of the river world.

It was a question of knowing the nature of that very particular design in humanity of the “copper” Gallardo, whether it had been accidental or voluntary. And it was precisely the sculptor who was in charge of revealing the matter.

“Football is like this, this is the language of football. Let’s say it like this, so the fans have a little more fun”replied the artist between laughter, to highlight what in the always macho code of the football environment would determine some emotional factor in the personality of the former DT.

Inspiration, a photo of Clarin

The Gallardo statue is inspired by a photo that the photojournalist of Clarín Marcello Carrol He did so on December 9, 2018 in Madrid, in which DT can be seen with the Copa Libertadores trophy in his hands on the Santiago Bernabéu pitch after the victory in the final against Boca.

Unlike the opera staged in Núñez, in the image captured by Carroll Gallardo he is seen from mid-waist up, so the “artistic” decision to highlight his crotch was the result of its creator’s conception.

But there are other details unrelated to the reality of the photo recorded in Madrid. The most important thing is that Gallardo in this case is wearing a jacket and tie, when in reality he was wearing a River shirt at the Bernabéu.

It was Gallardo himself who agreed to modify that part of his wardrobe in the sculpture so that it gave a more typical image of a carriage.

In addition, the medal on the chest features the date of the final, which has been added an infinity symbol on the sculpture, while there are other touches on the hair and fingers of the coach, among others.

Source: Clarin

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