Where could Messi play in Xavi’s Barcelona: does the DT really want him?

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Where Lionel Messi will play will undoubtedly be the big topic of the transfer market that is coming worldwide. Leo’s fate will be decided after Argentina’s Asian tour and there are still no offers from Barcelona, ​​however, the Catalan club’s manager, Xavi, has been encouraged to fantasize about where his friend would play if had finally discovered his long-awaited return to the club.

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First, when asked if the return of the best player in the world makes sense, the coach replied: “Yes, it makes sense to me. For me there is no doubt that if Messi returns he will help us in football. I informed the president of this. I have no doubts because he is still a decisive player, because he is still hungry, because he is a winner, because he is a leader and because he is also a different player. We don’t have a Barça with a talent within reach of 2010, for example. And what would Messi bring you? It would give you talent. Last pass, set pieces, goals… in the last third, differential player. Therefore, and the way I want to play, that we want to play in the staff, for me there is no doubt that he would make a great contribution to us, but it depends on him. Ultimately I think Leo has the upper hand right now.

Immediately, Sport asked him what would be the key to the decision of the captain of the Selection. “Difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a player who has won everything. Difficult isn’t it? I don’t know what doubts you might have. Maybe it’s already another project, important players with an excellent relationship for Leo like Busi (Sergio Busquets) and Jordi (Alba) if they leave, I don’t know, I’m not in your head. With the relationship I have with him I think I was very clear. Here are the open doors. If you want to come as coach, I have no doubts, no one.”

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Leo Messi and Antonela with Coldplay in Barcelona.  (@AntonellaRoccuzzo)

Leo Messi and Antonela with Coldplay in Barcelona. (@AntonellaRoccuzzo)

play Messi

Going more to football, the question was whether Barcelona would be much different under Messi than this season, in which he won the Spanish league. “No. It would be practically the same and Leo could play in various positions: false nine, outfield, infield, even on base, even making the last pass. Maybe he lost his explosiveness, but we also saw an extraordinary Messi in the World Cup, with explosiveness , in the end I think he still has years ahead, at a high level”.

“What would it be like in the defensive phase? With the team. In the end, you can’t ask Dembélé to have the same level of defense as Koundé. Many times the winger gets confused and doesn’t make the same comeback in the 80th minute as in the 20th minute. Compensate with the players. In the end, work and obligations are the same for everyone. And we saw it with Robert Lewandowski, a world star, who adapted very well to our high pressing, our pressing after the defeat, our low block in the middle of the block”. Xavi finally said.

Source: Clarin

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