The image of the face of the Platense player who will be operated on after the attack on the bars is impressive

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After the stone attack he suffered last weekend, Nicholas Morgantini He will undergo surgery this Tuesday afternoon due to the injuries suffered by the Estudiantes de Caseros bar after the match against Chacarita, from First B Nacional.

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As reported by the institution of Vicente López, His defender allegedly suffered a broken “nose bone”, for which he is forced to undergo surgery. Moreover He is admitted to a treatment center due to multiple traumas who has also suffered and from which he evolves as the hours go by.

He is hospitalized for observationunder the care and treatment of the medical staff of our club, as well as accompanied by the directors of our institution together with his family”, Platense assured from his social networks providing a statement on the state of his player. . According to partisan media, He also suffered the theft of his possessions during the period of the attack.

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Morgantini's face after the attack.  Photo: Sport1/TWITTER.

Morgantini’s face after the attack. Photo: Sport1/TWITTER.

On date 16 of the second division of Argentine football, the Platense player had gone to visit a friend and former teammate, Gianluca Pugliese, who currently wears the Undertaker’s jersey. For this reason, the team managed by Martín Palermo visited Caseros together with relatives of the away team and was with them during the break and after the match when they suffered the attack caused by local fans, which is why several of those present were injured . .

During the break of the match, Pincha’s fans entered the exclusive area for Chacarita, where the relatives of the rest of the players were also, and started attacks which also included punches and shoves. Subsequently, upon exiting the stadium, the attacks continued.

In view of what happened, Platense affirmed his “strong repudiation” and “asked for the appropriate measures to be taken in the face of such a serious episode”.

On the other hand, Estudiantes has also officially expressed itself and clarified that “deplores and repudiates the acts of violence that took place in the Ciudad de Caseros stadium, in the match against Chacarita Juniors” and which has been made “at the disposal of the footballer Nicolás Morgantini and his family”.

Source: Clarin

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