Alexis Mac Allister officially introduced his girlfriend at Lautaro Martínez’s wedding

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Alexis MacAllister finally introduced his new girlfriend, Aileen Covathis Monday at the wedding of Lautaro Martínez, after several months involved in a controversial separation with Camila Mayahis former partner.

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During the wedding between the Inter center forward and Agustina Gandolfo, which took place at Lake Colmo, 30 kilometers from Milan, several members of the national team were present, such as Emilian I drew Martinez, Enzo Fernández AND Nicholas Tagliafico. Among them was also Mac Allister, who in several photos posed together with those who were rumored to have a recent love story: Ailén Cova, the cause of “disagreement” between the midfielder and his ex-partner.

Alexis has been in a relationship with Camila Mayán, the girl who accompanied him during the celebrations for the victory of the Qatar 2023 World Cup, for five years. However, after the World Cup, the relationship ended abruptly. The breakup with Camila became official between December 24 and 31 of last year. Many have ensured that the cause was who until then had been her best friend throughout her life, none other than Ailén. The truth is that, after her story with the designer and influencer, the Brighton player gambled and bet big.

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Immediately when their split was made official, rumors began to suggest that Ailén had become Mac Allister’s new partner. So much so that as a result of this Cova began to be attacked on social media to the point of deciding to close her account until the moments of tension have calmed down.

And despite the evidence that increasingly showed their relationship, just six months later Alexis and Ailén decided to pose together, no longer as friends but as a couple, at the wedding of Lautaro Martínez and Agustina Gandolfo.

Alexis with Ailén Cova and the rest of the world champion couples.  Photo: @emi_martinez

Alexis with Ailén Cova and the rest of the world champion couples. Photo: @emi_martinez

Ailén is not a person who shows up a lot on social media, where he already has just over 30,000 followers. It is known that she has a degree in textile design and that she has now officially moved to England to start her new life with Mac Allister, who is in the midst of negotiations to decide her future for next season.

Source: Clarin

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