Marcos Rojo returns to the fields in Reserve: the gesture of his teammates and DT Almirón

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After a long cruciate ligament recovery in October 2022, red frames Received clearance to play a game again. And everything is ready to wear blue and gold after more than one semester. Intending to take it little by little, she will tonight with the Boca reserve against Arsenal in the Ezeiza property starting at 20:00with the rest of the first team putting up with it.

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Since the beginning of May, the central defender has been training alongside the group, with the decision of the coaching staff not to request him for a specific date. He came close to traveling to Colombia in Libertadores’ last duel against Deportivo Pereira, but the idea of ​​not speeding things up was privileged.

Following the programming that will follow, in the morning training session on Tuesday, Rojo trained alongside Mariano Herrón’s reserve team and was part of trial football to be part of the starting central duo. The probable team that will accompany him on his return would be: Brey; Arrieta, Anselmino, Rojo, Genez; Montes Delgado Carrasco; Rivero, Morales and Brandon Cortes.

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Likewise, the idea is that I dispute only the former 45 minutes evaluate the sensations that his return leaves to the player. Then, if the first test is approved, Almirón’s idea would be to add him to the squad for the next Copa Libertadores match against Colo Colo Tuesday June 6th.

The red light and the happiness of being close to the exit again at the Bombonera.  Photo: Twitter mouth.

The red light and the happiness of being close to the exit again at the Bombonera. Photo: Twitter mouth.

“We’ll take him little by little, he hasn’t played for a long time. It will add minutes little by little, hope we can have it as soon as possible“said DT Xeneize a few weeks ago when the return of the defender had not yet been confirmed.

The world of Boca awaits with great expectation how it will be to review one of its flagship references after months of waiting. And not only will the fans be attentive to what happens tonight, but also the players themselves. The thing is The coaching staff of Xeneize decided to postpone the morning training on Wednesday to do it in the afternoon, with the intention that once finished, the whole team would stay and watch the reserve match and, above all, support their team mate team and captain.

He October 12, 2022 It was the last time Rojo wore a Boca shirt. 271 laterthe captain steps on the green grass again after that game on the Sarmiento de Junín field in what was the last stretch of the Professional League that Xeneize will end up lifting in one last excruciating fixture.

Red, next to the team doing ball work.  Photo: Twitter mouth.

Red, next to the team doing ball work. Photo: Twitter mouth.

After his operation, by the hand of Dr. Jorge Batista, the recovery is already 100%. It wasn’t until February that Rojo jogged again, it being an accelerated set-up that he has been running since Almirón’s arrival on the substitutes bench.

Likewise, the long time taken was not due to setbacks, but was something expected and desired by the player himself. “It will be seven or eight months, I’ll take it easytry to recover well to come back well, because it happened to me last time with the World Cup, I rushed back as soon as possible and then it cost me a lot with injuries” commented the central defender when the injury suffered had been confirmed. And he obeyed.

That said, Almirón’s happiness at having a new player is hard to hide. “When Marcos arrives it takes another form, he is a great leader, very positive“, he assured in a press conference. It is that the defense will have more reinforcements than necessary in the last stretch of the semester. Being Nicolás Figal who has had the greatest perseverance, several names have alternated in recent months in the Xenize central defense.

None of the remaining defenders managed to finish settling. Several injuries or unexpected performances meant that the second central defender position became a headache for Boca at the moment. Both Facundo Roncaglia, Nicolás Valentini, Gabriel Aranda, Bruno Valdez and even Agustín Sández were rotating their first team presence.

Now Rojo will have the opportunity to test his physical and football conditions after a long period of inactivity, but he knows that the first division film awaits him as soon as possible.

Red and the staging he's been doing since the beginning of May.  Photo: Twitter mouth.

Red and the staging he’s been doing since the beginning of May. Photo: Twitter mouth.

Source: Clarin

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