Mascherano, after the elimination of Sub 20: “Chiqui Tapia has my collection available every day”

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It was the only voice heard in the corridors of San Juan’s Bicentennial Stadium. Trainer Javier Mascherano gave his face amidst the sadness of the players of the Argentina national teamvisibly penalized by early elimination from the Under 20 World Cup. And the man from Santa Fe, who had left office after failing to qualify for this event due to sporting merits in January, did not hesitate to talk about the continuity of the project.

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“(AFA President) Chiqui Tapia has my resignation on his desk every day. I will continue if they think they can contribute. We didn’t deserve to be eliminated today”38-year-old ‘Jefecito’ replied at a press conference in the mixed zone where the Argentine media surrounded him.

It is completed: “I often talk to Chiqui. When she thinks I don’t have to continue, I go home happy. I’m calm and want to continue. I have no ambition to manage in the First Division. I feel very comfortable directing kids of this age. It’s the best place I could be.”.

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As for the match, Mascherano lamented the large number of dangerous situations Argentina generated and squandered, for that lack of effectiveness ended up paying dearly as Nigeria hit one of the few they found themselves at face to face with goalkeeper Gomes Gerth.

“We knew that if we made mistakes and oversights we could pay. We played the game we had to play, but unfortunately the two oversights ended up being their two goals. The team tried anyway, in every way”analyzed the DT, while the Nigerians crossed the mixed zone making a little train of joy, which contrasted with the malaise of the Argentines.

Mascherano praised his team noting that they “dropped everything” and described the elimination by saying that “football is like that, sometimes it gives you, sometimes it takes you away and you have to congratulate Nigeria for going to the next round”.

“I think we’ve always said it, you have to understand that in this match, merit has nothing to do with the result, the boys will have to raise their heads and continue with their teams because life goes on”.summary.

Source: Clarin

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