Sebastián Villa posed with a “Not one less” flag hours before learning of his gender-based violence conviction

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Before the start of the match in which Boca fell 1-0 against Arsenal, the Xeneize players posed for the traditional photo once they took the field, in this case next to a flag on which the legend could be read Of “Not one lessThe peculiarity of the fact is that one of the players who appears in the image is sebastian villa.

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The Colombian is about to know the sentence of the gender violence trial that his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, started in 2020.

Despite the situation he faces in court, The Colombian played ninety minutes of the match at the Viaducto and this afternoon he will know if he will finally receive a sentencewhich could be crucial in terms of continuity in Boca as in his football career in general.

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Sebastian Villa present at the last hearing of the trial.  Photo: MaxiFailla.

Sebastian Villa present at the last hearing of the trial. Photo: MaxiFailla.

The reason why the players had to have their photo taken next to the phrase “Not One Less” is due to a campaign promoted by the Professional League because this weekend eight years have passed since the first march that exposed sexist violence and feminicide to society.

For this, each of the teams that will take the field during this date 19 will display a banner in front of the cameras to collaborate and continue to raise awareness.

This Friday, Villa will be present in the deliberation of the same from 13:00 to a hearing that will take place in the prison court number 2 of Lomas de Zamora with the direction of judge Claudia Dávalos.

While the attacker tried to justify his innocence, the prosecutor, Sergio Anauati, asked for a sentence of two years and three months’ imprisonment with respect to the condition. If he’s convicted, he still wouldn’t go to jail.

However, his situation could be considerably complicated because, in parallel with this gender-based violence trial, Villa is also facing another rape trial for an episode committed in 2021. If he were guilty of both sentences, the footballer could no longer be released from prison. . .

It is worth mentioning that Villa was reported on April 27, 2020 for “minor injuries aggravated by the constraint and mediation of gender-based violence and coercive threats” against Daniela Cortés, his partner at the time, while they lived together in the private neighborhood of Saint Thomas, in Canning.

Source: Clarin

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