Sebastián Villa, convicted: can he travel abroad after the court sentence?

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The court found him guilty sebastian villa and the soccer player Mouth He was sentenced to two years and one month’s imprisonment for aggravated bodily harm by gender violence and coercive threats initiated by your ex-partner Daniela Cortes.

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The Colombian attacker will not go to jail but still has another trial ahead of him for an even more serious lawsuit, the one started by another 27-year-old girl who accuses him of sexual abuse with carnal access. If found guilty, Villa would be held without the possibility of release.

Faced with this delicate scenario, Villa’s career as a footballer was greatly compromised. Like the role that Boca Juniors must fill, that he trusted in the innocence of the Colombian and treated him like a star until the striker began to be the protagonist of the police pages and became a pain in the ass.

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Until this court ruling, the president Jorge Amor Ameal He has always spoken out in favor of respecting the principle of innocence that governs people and Villa has remained in the team as one more player. Now, the situation has abruptly changed.

Although Boca’s decision would be that Villa no longer plays for Almirón’s team, the club cannot abruptly opt out of his services because it could face a lawsuit from the footballer, which would see his employment rights violated.

Thus, the alternative would be for the striker to continue training at Boca Ezeiza’s facilities or for him to be sold to a club abroad from where he can comply with Argentine justice whenever required.

Boca expected Villa's acquittal but the sentence left the club in check.  Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros.

Boca expected Villa’s acquittal but the sentence left the club in check. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros.

Can Villa travel to a foreign country? Yes of course. The footballer can ask the judge for permission through a letter in which he communicates where he is going and the reason for his departure, which is usually expressly authorized. The transfer can be for a specific occasion or in the case of establishing residence in another country, when the Justice will assess the risk of flight by the Colombian.

The question will be whether Villa or Boca find a destination where they are open to receiving a player with similar hardships to do their job. The markets of Europe and North America, strict about this type of processing, are practically excluded.

The options that have been mentioned in the last few hours point to the Asian championships or that some options appear from Colombia for Villa to find refuge in his land or to extend his life as a footballer a little longer.

Source: Clarin

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