The war of the referees: Pablo Lunati unveils an explosive version of the scandal with the VAR and the sacking of Abal

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He arbitration of the Argentine football is going through a major crisis which was more evident than ever this week, with the scandal occurring after a blunder by the LAUNCH in a game of Professional league which led to the dismissal of Diego Abalresponsible for that failed game.

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The former referee Paul Lunatti He entered the scene to flavor this plot and from his Twitter account he explained, in his own way, a version of the facts.

In the first publication he warns something obvious – that Abal’s age was not a reason for his dismissal – and fires the first shot: “it is not true, as reported by journalism, that what (sic) Beligoy did to Abal did not have that power. @tapiachiqui or @TovigginoPablo rocks Diego,” he began, enrapturing the accounts of AFA president Claudio Tapia and the treasurer and strongman of the house, Pablo Toviggino.

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In his thread, Lunati felt that “unfortunately” for the national director of arbitration Federico Beligoy, Diego Abal “and some other heads that are about to roll” the presence of FIFA in the country for the Under-20 World Cup is a fundamental part of the crisis.

A snippet from the Twitter thread in which Lunati gave his version of Abal's firing.  Photo: Capture Twitter

A snippet from the Twitter thread in which Lunati gave his version of Abal’s firing. Photo: Capture Twitter

“Also, last weekend (week) they went to see (referee Nicolás) Ramirez on the Boca pitch. In addition to (Massimo) Busacca (head of FIFA’s refereeing department), there are first-rate people from the body football”, he indicated as a preamble to the “true story”.

“In a match X DIEGO ABAL was the VAR of Espinoza, the rude man of Fernandito started complaining to the players and started doing his thing and Diego told him: ‘Fernando !!! the protocol, this is recorded, be careful of the language you are using’ To which Espinoza responds by unplugging the cable with Ezeiza’s signal and Diego Abal reports him before the disciplinary court, but the worst thing was that BELIGOY after talking to Abal ended up bankrupting Espinoza , that’s where any relationship between the two ends”.

According to Lunati’s arguments, after Beligoy’s meeting with the referees at Lionel Messi’s property in Ezeiza, which the former referee considered “spicy”, it would have been “Chiqui (Tapia) or Pablo (Toviggino)” who “decided to hit Diego for such a scandal and remove ESPINOZA from the International”, taking for granted the rumor that indicates that he will cease to be one of the Argentines authorized to direct the Conmebol or any other meeting beyond the possibilities of the country.

“Out there they tell me and experience imposes the same thing: if they take your international license plate in the middle of the year, you won’t be saved at the end of the year, for me Espinoza is out. But the truth is that they tell me that BELIGOY is also out,” he dropped the bomb and continued with the ammunition to signal his possible replacements.

“They talk about Pezzotta, they tell me that there is a Rabbit in the Hat and a ???? in the Pool…….., Thank God!!!!! I have no doubts that there will be a change in the Argentine arbitration, I have to admit” , indicated playing the enigmatic, with the exception of the referee who directed the promotion between River and Belgrano and was threatened with live and direct jokes, before the descent of the millionaire was consummated.

The closure of Lunati in his revelation on a social network.  Photo: Capture Twitter

The closure of Lunati in his revelation on a social network. Photo: Capture Twitter

What do a rabbit in a hat and a duck in the pool mean? The first reference could be that of Ettore Baldassi, nicknamed Rabbit. However, there is no place for the former referee in Tapia’s management. The sentence, therefore, could be a play on words to announce that the person who could replace Beligoy is Patricio Loustau, the Duck.

“Today Claudito (from Tapia) knows that the only thing being talked about is the ARGENTINE ARBITRATION DISASTER, the rest is online, he KNOWS. He knows that ESPINOZA exposes it no longer works, not even BELIGOY”, he closed before saying goodbye because it’s been since he “came out” and introduced himself to the world as a River fan.

“Here I take my leave, I will devote myself to both policies. We will see what fate has in store for us, yes, I will always be attentive to referees in my team matches, RIVER will be part of my life until the day Barbeta calls me”, He greeted me.

Source: Clarin

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