Sebastián Villa out of Boca: the club’s decision after the conviction

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Eight hours after Judge Claudia Dávalos, of Prison Court No. 2 of Lomas de Zamora, sentenced the prisoner to two years and one month. sebastian villa for the crimes of aggravated injuries for gender violence and coercive threats against the former partner Daniela Cortés, Boca Juniors announced his decision that the footballer don’t play anymore.

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Through a brief statement of three paragraphs, which has not been uploaded on social networks, the club communicated that “the Board of Directors of the CABJ met urgently, unanimously adopting the decision”.

“Timely, the club made public its position to submit the matter to the Justice in safeguarding the corresponding constitutional guarantees and pending the issuance of the respective pronouncements”, adds the text.

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Only at the end, Boca presented its disciplinary measure against the Colombian footballer: “Consequently, in this case, in consideration of the non-definitive sentence against the entity’s player, Sebastián Villa, the CABJ announces that, Starting from that date, the appointee will not participate in the tenders for the competitions that the first men’s professional football team of the Club will have to face until the final judicial ruling. and without prejudice to the measures that will be subsequently adopted, which will be promptly communicated if necessary”.

Sebastián Villa’s contract with Boca Juniors expires on 31 December 2024. And the player’s defense, led by lawyer Martín Apolo, has decided to appeal the sentence, in principle, before the Chamber of Cassation. Therefore, knowing the times of Justice, it will take a long time before the sentence against the Colombian is final.

Although not informed in the release, the Colombian will continue to train at the club, as his right to work cannot be impeded. That is why the club cannot bear the cost of unilaterally terminating his contract. In this way he would be exposed to a work process and the player has everything to win. The departure can be a transfer, although with this scenario it does not seem easy for a club to try to have the services of the player.

The other big question is whether or not Villa can leave the country. The sentence of Justice, not being firm, keeps the player in the same situation he was in until now. In other words, every time you have to go abroad, you have to ask Claudia Dávalos, the judge in charge of the case, for permission.

What if the player is transferred abroad? The same. You will have to ask the Justice for permission, as well as establish another residence to comply with all the obligations under the sentence. In Boca they hope to find a destination for him. Will it be the Middle East? Why did the club wait until the court ruling to make this decision? It’s that Villa’s lawyers were confident that he would be acquitted. However, that didn’t happen. And the Colombian, who until recently was the great figure of the team, has now become a problem.

What Jorge Ameal had said

Once the complaint against Villa was known, the president of Boca, Jorge Amor Ameal, had clarified that they would wait for the sentence of the Justice to decide what they would do with the Colombian. meanwhile he is still a club player. We want to be slaves of Justice and when it will be enacted our wrist will not shake“Ameal had stated in journalistic statements.

Later, once the legal process began, Ameal had been a little more contemplative. “If he’s guilty, he needs to be treated, that’s the story. We are waiting for what justice determines. You have to help people, you don’t have to keep sanctioning them, complicating their lives. If the boy had a problem we can solve it.”

Source: Clarin

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