Walewska’s brother talks about the former athlete’s heritage: ‘My parents’

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Walewska’s brother says who the former athlete’s inheritance should stay with after her tragic death

Brother of Walewska Oliveira, Wesley Oliveira commented on the legacy left by the former volleyball player, who died last week after falling from the 17th floor of the building where she lived. In conversation with the website UOL, he said that her assets should stay with her parents.

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Our lawyer will raise everything she built in life. My parents are the heirs”, he said, who is the one who is in contact with a lawyer to monitor the investigation into the tragedy, carry out the inventory and the fate of the inheritance.

Her brother also said that he asked for a few days off from work as an airline pilot to go to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and support his family in this moment of pain.

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Walewska’s widower talks about the pain of grief

The entrepreneur Ricardo Mendeswho is the husband of the former volleyball player Walewska Oliveira, spoke again about the athlete’s tragic death. In conversation with columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the website Metrópoles, he talked about how he is feeling after the tragedy.

“It is the most difficult moment of my entire life. I can’t stop crying and thinking about her. I would never have thought she would be capable of this.”he stated, and added: “No reason in the world justifies someone taking their own life. He left me, father, mother, brother, friends, sister-in-law, nephews, fans… My God”.

Furthermore, he said that he has not yet had access to the farewell letter she left before falling from the 17th floor of the building where she lived, which is in the possession of the police. “They still haven’t given me the letter or her cell phone”he said.

Walewska’s cause of death

Former volleyball player and Olympic champion Walewska passed away at the age of 43 on Thursday night, the 21st. She fell from the 17th floor of the building where she lived in São Paulo and her body was found on the first floor of the place. Rescuers were called to try to revive her, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. Now, the police are investigating the circumstances of her death.

According to the police, she left a farewell letter on a sheet of paper and also drank alcohol. The building’s cameras recorded that Walewska went to the 17th floor alone and entered the residents’ leisure area at 4:05 pm.

Source: Caras

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