Michael Schumacher: why doesn’t the family reveal the former driver’s health condition?

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Michael Schumacher’s family lawyer reveals the behind-the-scenes story behind the family’s decision to keep his health a secret

The pilot Michael Schumacher retired from the Formula 1 tracks in 2013 after suffering a serious accident on a ski slope. However, his family has revealed very little about his health to date. As a result, the family lawyer, Felix Damm revealed why we know so little about the former pilot’s health.

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In an interview with the German newspaper LTO, he told the reason why the family does not publish periodic reports on the athlete’s recovery. He said the family made the decision to avoid media curiosity.It has always been about protecting private matters. Of course we discussed a lot about how this would be possible. So we also considered whether a final report on Michael’s health might be the right way forward, but that would not be enough and there would have to be constantly updated ‘every detail reports’.”he said.

And he continued: “Because as people affected, it’s not up to you to shut down the media. They could go back to this report again and again and ask, ‘What’s it like now?’ And if we then wanted to take action against this, we would have to deal with the voluntary self-disclosure argument”.

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Finally, he said that the family does not intend to reveal new information about his health condition. “I believe the vast majority of fans can handle this well and also respect the fact that the accident triggered a process where private shelter is necessary and will now continue to be observed“, said.

Michael Schumacher’s accident happened in December 2013, when he fell on a ski slope. At the time, he had just retired from F1. The athlete was placed in a medically induced coma and remained in that state for several months. After a long hospital stay, he was transferred to his home to be cared for with his family. The last statement about his health was issued in 2014, in which the family reported that he came out of the coma, but was still unable to communicate or walk.

Michael Schumacher’s wife also isolated herself

The wife of the former F1 driverMichael Schumacher, Corinna, has lived in seclusion for 10 years and has almost no contact with people outside her home. The revelation was made by the pilot’s former boss, Eddie Jordan. He revealed the secret about Schumacher’s family in an interview.

Founder of the Jordan team, Eddie Jordan classified the disappearance of Schumacher’s wife as the routine of a prisoner since the former driver suffered a serious accident in 2013. “It’s been almost ten years and Corinna hasn’t been able to go to a party, a lunch, this or that. She’s like a prisoner because everyone would want to talk to her about Michael when she doesn’t need reminders every minute,” he told The Sun Online.

The reason Corinna lives away from everything is because she does everything she can to keep her husband’s health secret. She and her family do not want to disclose the athlete’s real health status.
Jordan also said that he tried to visit Schumacher shortly after the accident, but his wife stopped him. He said that he understood her reasons, that she restricted visits only to family members and Jean Todt, who was a director at Ferrari.

Source: Caras

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