Dan Stulbach wins ‘top hat maker’ trophy and comes out on top in competition

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Dan Stulbach was highlighted in the CARTOLA FC dispute and confessed that he is excited to overcome his opponents in the next opportunity

Dan Stulbach showed that his talent goes far beyond the world of arts. This Thursday, the 7th, he took home the third place prize for his performance in the virtual campinho of Cartola, Globo’s fantasy game.

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With the participation of well-known names in television and sports, the ‘League of Stars’ it allowed different personalities to have fun and show a new side to the fans. According to Dan, the experience was like going back to childhood.

“I love Cartola, and it’s the first time I’ve participated in this league, but I’ve had other leagues with friends for a long time. For me, it’s like we went back in time and were 13 years old and that’s nice. Plus, I have an 11-year-old son, so being able to play with him is cool too.”comments Dan.

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In addition to the artist, who was recently on air in the rerun of the soap opera Women in Lovefrom TV Globo, the dispute also included the presence of the singer Leo Jaime and commentator and former player Caio Ribeiro.

Excited with the final result, the actor confessed that he wants to continue playing Cartola. “For next year, I have two goals: reach first place or beat Caio”he says with a laugh.

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Globo commentator Caio Ribeiro occupied second place in the ranking. At Cartola, players – or cartoleiros, as they are known – assemble their teams based on Brazilian Championship matches.


Regiane Alves (43) met with Dan Stulbach (52) last Monday, 15th, during the Child Hope 2022. The two posed together in a special click and the web went crazy remembering the 2003 villains from the soap opera Women in Love from TV Globo.

With the photo published on her social networks, Regiane Alves recalled the villains of the soap opera: “Meeting of those who couldn’t leave the house in 2003, right @danstulbach?? Hahaha”, wrote good-naturedly.

The two acted together Women in Lovea 2003 Globo soap opera, and the characters played by Regiane Alves and Dan Stulbach were hated by the public.

Regiane Alves revealed that the character Dóris, from the 2003 soap opera, became hated by the public, and she couldn’t even go out on the street as people wanted to hit her due to the horrible things that Dóris said to her grandparents.

Source: Caras

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