Mascherano took off “a 1000 kilo backpack”: he will direct in Paris and the occasion for Messi and Di María’s last dance

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Javier Mascherano He took a thousand-kilo backpack off his back. The classification a Paris 2024 Olympic Games with the Under 23 national team made him breathe a sigh of relief. Losing the ticket for the mid-year event in France would certainly have meant the end of his cycle as a youth coach. But the 1-0 against Brazil revitalized him and now he will have to face the challenge of aiming for a third gold medal, given that as a player he won the two for the national team.

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“I’m happy because I can enjoy this moment. The previous experiences had not been good, but I am calm because we always try to do our best”, said a relaxed Mascherano, who before the decisive crossing had launched a phrase at journalism that undermined its continuity: “Perhaps these are I’ll be lucky and I’ll only have one game left.”

“We had the objective of qualifying and it was a great relief for everyone. We were the best team in the tournament. We have always been superior to our rivals. In the final stage we missed the results for one reason or another,” the coach said.

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And he continues with the analysis of the victory: “We expected a match in which Brazil retreated and went out on the counterattack. We had an obligation to go look for him but we couldn’t go crazy. In the PT we were superior but we didn’t find too many situations. At ST he opened and we started playing. In two situations Leo (Brey) supported us and was fundamental in giving us peace of mind.”

Masche also referred to criticism and the way he reacts when things didn’t go like they did at the Under 20 World Cup: “If I were somewhere else it would be different. When they offered me this position I knew I would live with criticism and I think this has to do with everything I experienced in the national team. Criticism is accepted, I have always accepted it, in order to grow. Today the ball went in and we are happy. Another day will not come and we will be sad. The people who are close to me, the president and the coordinator, see me working and if I have their support it means that I will do something good”, declared the blue and white coach.

He confirmed that he will be directing in Paris. And he left the door open to an invitation to Lionel Messi: “I spoke to him, he complimented us. He is a big fan of the national team and was happy. We will try to send you the invitation to be there. We’ll talk”.

In closing, after talking about Messi, the Little Boss referred to the possibility of calling up Di María who has already announced that after the Copa América he will put an end to his relationship with the national team. Could there be a last dance for the partners in the Copa América and Qatar venture? “We have a spectacular relationship with Leo and Ángel, we are friends. As a coach I have the obligation to invite them, but you have to understand that they have other commitments and it will depend on that, it’s not that simple.”

Source: Clarin

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