Daniel Alves case: Lawyer speaks for the first time after the sentence

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Daniel Alves’ trial sentence was revealed this Thursday, 22nd, and his lawyer spoke for the first time about the result

The soccer player Daniel Alves has already received the sentence from the trial on charges of sexual abuse of a woman in a nightclub in Spain. This Thursday, the 22nd, the judge in the case revealed that he was sentenced to 4 years and 6 years in prison. Now, his lawyer, Ines Guardiolaspoke for the first time on the outcome of the process.

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According to the Spanish press, she said she will appeal the sentence and will meet with her client this Thursday. “At this point, I can only say that we will appeal the sentence. I continue to believe in Mr. Alves’ innocence. I have to study the sentence, but I can tell you that we will appeal.“, she said.

Then, she commented: “Alves is in one piece. Four years and six months is better than nine or 12 years, which the prosecution asked for, but I believe in Alves’ innocence and we will appeal”.

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Daniel Alves has been detained since January 2023 in Spain. The trial took place at the beginning of February and lasted three days, with the presentation of testimonies from those involved and their witnesses. Furthermore, the athlete paid a fine of R$900,000 – around 150,000 euros – to the court in the form of compensation for the victim of sexual abuse and this was seen as mitigating the sentence.

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Daniel Alves wrote a letter to his wife, Joana Sanz

The soccer player Daniel Alves wrote a letter to his wife, the model Joana Sanz, straight from prison. He has been detained in Spain for more than a year after being accused of sexual assault against a woman in a nightclub. At the beginning of the month, the trial in his case took place, but the sentence has not yet been revealed. With that, he wrote a letter to his wife.

Joana shared the letter on social media, but soon deleted it. She said she was only going to post it for her best friends, but she got confused. Even so, the print of the letter circulated on the web and showed what he said to his loved one.

Read what he wrote:

“Beloved Joana. Time passes, but my love for you remains intact. Within my imperfections, I learned that I cannot dedicate my time to what I was, I have to transform my energy into what it is. And it’s what I dreamed of, what I dreamed of, what I keep dreaming of. I want to walk all paths with you. I didn’t make a mistake as a woman. Yes, it was you, and it will be you forever.”he said.

And he added: “There is not a single day, not a single moment and not a single plan that you are not in. I pray every day that I can see you wake up. Nostalgia is for those who have no reason to dream. I love you and feel you every day, in a place that only you have access to. Wherever it is, however it is, whatever it is… But, you are always by my side. I miss you. I love you”.

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