Kun Agüero shared an audio with his cardiologist that excites everyone in Independiente: will he return to football?

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Since that painful retirement in December 2021, Sergio Agüero has dedicated himself to entering the world of streaming and has remained away from the field, except for a sporadic appearance in his Kings League team. But all football fans were excited in the last few hours when Kun shared a conversation with his cardiologist in which the specialist confirmed that he can play again.

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Audio from cardiologist Kun

“This conference is to communicate that I have decided to stop playing football. Concha de su madre (emotional)… I have decided to stop playing professional football, it’s a very hard moment, but hey, I’m very happy for the decision I made “ I made it. The first is my health, you know why I made this decision, because of the problem I had about a month ago,” Agüero said through tears on that occasion, after having to forcibly hang up his boots as a result of an arrhythmia and a heart attack suffered while wearing the Barcelona shirt.

The message that moved Agüero

The good news arrived this Wednesday, just over two years after that press conference in which he announced through tears that he would have to stay away from the fields due to an “arrhythmia or ventricular tachycardia”: “This conference is intended to inform you that I have decided to stop playing football“he said at the time.

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Therefore, with his usual freshness, he now surprises by sharing the audio of his cardiologist which begins like this: “When the hand goes up, you will have no problem playing for so long”.

EL Kun, announcing his departure from Barcelona.  Photo: EFE EL Kun, announcing his departure from Barcelona. Photo: EFE

And then he added: “Logically we have to do the studies, which already correspond, and make you run as if it were the match you saw… It’s true, when you have the two central defenders, you have to pretend a bit, something like that , you have to be well prepared.”

Finally, the cardiologist closed: “Then I would tell you to ‘get ready, there is hope’ you might say. You have to heal, stay in a physical state for a few minutes there. I mean, it’s possible.”

To all this, Kun listened with a smile painted on his face which he accompanied once the voice message ended with: “So? How are you? Be careful, huh.”


Kun Agüero uploaded to his networks an audio of his cardiologist in which he tells him to prepare, that he can play again.

A few weeks ago, the goalscorer himself had admitted that his intention was to end his career at Independiente: “Yes, the idea was to be able to come for six months or a year. The idea was to play here and then throw away the boots. “This didn’t happen.”.

Now, in this context and if Kun recovers at 35, no one will take away the hope of the Rojo fans of seeing the greatest idol of recent times again in Avellaneda.

The explanation Kun gave and what he had

First, Kun made public, at the time, that he didn’t really know the reason that caused that arrhythmia on October 30, 2021 against Alavés, which meant the end of his career: “I don’t know what caused me to leave football. Still no one knew what had happened. It could have been Covid or the dose. The reality is, I don’t know. It happened to me and now I have to take care of myself. But I already had something before and maybe it was activated, I don’t know.”

The ventricular arrhythmia or tachycardia that Kun suffered is due to a problem related to the heart’s electrical impulses. The disorder may appear as a complication of a heart attack or may occur in people with certain diseases, such as heart valve disease.

Source: Clarin

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