Incidents in Mendoza among Colo Colo fans: gas and rubber bullets before the match with Godoy Cruz for the Libertadores

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As on the last occasions when a Chilean team had to face an Argentine team on this side of the mountain range, Trans Andean fans carry out violent situations. This time in the preview of the match that will be played at the stadium Argentine Falklands Of Copa Libertadores between Godoy Cruz AND Colo Colo.

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Hours before the meeting, in San Martino Park The Chilean fans started a fight among themselves, in front of everyone’s eyes and among the people passing by during the day. The attack was repeated against people wearing the Argentine team shirt.

Later, towards kick-off time, the conflict moved to the outskirts of the stadium, in the income sector of Chileans. The strong security operation to prevent clashes between fans of both clubs was applied when the Colo Colo crowd started jostling with the Mendoza police.

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The conflict began when a group pushed one of the bars to enter the stadium, despite the police cordon around the perimeter. The arrival of infantry personnel made it possible to defuse the riot with pepper spray.

The situation then generated clashes and repeated outbreaks of violence in various sectors, which motivated the use of rubber bullets by the security forces to regain control of the area.

While the North Stand seemed full of Colo Colo fans, there were still thousands of fans nearby waiting to get in.

On social networks, Some fans described the entrance as “chaotic”, with errors in QR codes and mistreatment by police against the groups who did not participate in the excesses and who were with the family.

Search on the route

The arrival of the Colo Colo fans took place mainly by bus. At the Horcones customs house, lMendoza police confiscated buses and arrested several supporters for drug or gun possession.

Marijuana, pipes, short and sharp elements”, Commissioner Mario Lucero explained this in detail in statements to Radio Nihuil. However, unable to identify the owners of the seized belongings, the buses continued towards the capital Mendoza.

At another border control, a person who had a criminal record was reported and not allowed to enter the country. Meanwhile, as part of the operation They arrested seven people for riots and violations.

“We have implemented a device from Horcones to Route 7, where they will then be escorted to the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium”Lucero indicated, also specifying that the bar buses were delayed in Luján de Cuyo and They arrived at the stadium encapsulated, to prevent them from moving around the city on the eve.

Regarding the security of the stadium and General San Martín Park, the Mendoza government has assigned 950 uniformed personnel to the match, of which 800 will be inside the stadium during the match.

Source: Clarin

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