“I am the owner of Avellaneda and I have the work”: the scandal of the two Independiente bars and the challenge of Bebote Álvarez

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Bebote was interviewed by Paraguayan television.

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On the playing field, Independiente defeated General Caballero 4-0, in Paraguay. But on the stands, an embarrassment ensued. Just chance and the local authorities They avoided tragedy.

The King of Cups has two bars, which are currently hopelessly opposed. And that became very visible in Asunción. Before and during the fight. Separated and accompanied by local groups from Olimpia and Cerro Porteño, they were -beyond mutual threat- on the brink of battle.

The irony is that the same faction occupied the two leaders of the Manuel Ferreira Stadium where General Caballero received the Argentine team: “Ole-le, ola-la, we’re not asking for police custody”heard the official faction singing.

Prior to the fight, Paraguayan and Immigration police had to evict 45 Independiente fans tried to enter their territory carrying weapons and drugs before the Copa Sudamericana match.

Commissioner Édgar Galeano, director of the Police of the town of President Hayes in Paraguayan, informed the local press -according to the Télam agency- that the procedure was carried out “at the border crossing of Puerto Falcón, near the Argentine city of Clorinda”.

Two factions of the Independiente gang were present at the Manuel Ferreira stadium, with 45 deported.

Two factions of the Independiente gang were present at the Manuel Ferreira stadium, with 45 deported.

About 253 people arrived aboard several buses, which were inspected. During the control, drugs and alcoholic beverages were found in the passenger compartment of the bus, so they were expelled from the national territory and handed over to the Argentine Gendarmerie authorities, “explained the Paraguayan police chief. Yes, there are also weapons.

The match between General Caballero and Independiente took place at the Manuel Ferreira stadium, on Mariscal López avenue in the city of Asunción, within the framework of group G of the South American Cup, it could have led to a disaster if not for that intervention.

Galeano points out that of those 253, the 45 exiled Argentina fans correspond to one of the factions (which in the returned “Bebote” Álvarez, self-styled “Red Devils”) where the Independiente brava bar was divided, and they had the support of their colleagues from Olimpia.

The Paraguayan police chief explained that the remaining 208 Argentine fans were “delivered to Manuel Ferreira’s stadium.” After the meeting they were accompanied to the border post to ensure their return to Argentina.


Bebote was interviewed by Paraguayan television


The Independiente bar prisoner took over Paraguay and the media from the neighboring country became interested in the subject and were able to interview Bebote Álvarez who returned to the public scene and pledged to the dissident faction.

The journalist from channel 9 of the National Television System who spoke at the bar asked him about a video in which a hooded individual showed a rifle and said that “no Bebote is worth it.”

“Just one fan of Independiente, the Red Devils always everywhere. I don’t know the video you’re talking about because I don’t watch television and I don’t have Internet here and I have no knowledge of what’s going on on social networks,” Bebote replied. .

Álvarez presented himself as the absolute head of the Independiente bar and of all of Avellaneda: “There is no division of the Red Devils. We are all together. I am the owner of Avellaneda, no other owner, I have the work of Avellaneda. there is only one“.

Later, the self -proclaimed bar leader lowered his tone and introduced himself as the leader of a peaceful group: “You’re out here and watching us come in. Did you see us come violently or did we come peacefully? The equivalent that is. the police made an operative so that it would leave calm “.

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Source: Clarin

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