From Unión de Santa Fe to Orlando City by MLS with a torn ligament

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From Unión de Santa Fe to Orlando City by MLS with a torn ligament

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The announcement of González’s purchase of Orlando City.

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Orlando City officially confirmed on Thursday the acquisition of striker Gastón González, 20 years old, from Unión de Santa Fe. The club’s statement indicates that the Argentine’s relationship with the entity is until 2025, 2026 and 2027. ”

The club formally bought despite the fact that González suffered a torn cruciate ligament in one knee on April 19, against San Lorenzo. Therefore, the player, who has already undergone surgery, will join the team led by Colombian Oscar Pareja but will not debut until next season.

“After Gastón’s bad injury, we were able to change the agreement for him to join our club. For us, Gastón’s recovery is the most important thing and we will give him the necessary support so that he can come back healthy and strong. , ”said Orlando general manager LuizMuzzi.

“Although we are saddened by the delay in his arrival, injuries are part of the game and we will be happy when he is completely healthy,” he said. Note: this type of injury requires at least six months to recover.

Trained at the Unión Santa Fe academy, González has been part of the first team since August 2020 and amassed 58 official games, with eight goals and seven assists.

González will be sidelined by Rodrigo Schlegel, former Racing defender, and Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro Gallese. Gastón’s pass would have cost three million euros.

Gonzalez’s injury

Source: Clarin

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