The unprecedented fun of Formula 1 drivers in Miami: the NBA, meeting megastars and a massive welcome party

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The unprecedented fun of Formula 1 drivers in Miami: the NBA, meeting megastars and a massive welcome party

Champion Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Pérez visit the MLB Miami Marlins stadium. Photo on Instagram @@ Marlins

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The debut of a new spot on the Formula 1 calendar has rarely generated as much hope as Miami Grand Prixwho will compete for the first time this weekend on the street circuit built around Hard Rock Stadium. And not just to the fans, who almost sold out tickets for the event and on Wednesday night they added color and heat at a massive opening party held in the podium area.

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Also eagerly the riders joined in the activities suggested by the organizers. From meetings with American sports megastars to a challenge behind the wheel in the middle of a swamp, this weekend’s main stars are on the track make space for themselves in their traditional and busy activities and they enjoyed never before racing.

Max Verstappen, current champion and second in the current championship, was encouraged to try a few different things. the Dutch of red bull challenge the Japanese yuki tsunodafrom Alpha Taurus, in a very distant competition to which they are accustomed. Aboard two unusual vehicles, with large wheels and plotted in the colors of their respective teams, they competed in a race through a swamp.

Angry Max He also visited the home of the Miami Marlinsone of two teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) based in that city (the other, the Dolphins, is based right in Hard Rock). With his Mexican partner Sergio Pereztoured the stadium and tested his ability as a pitcher, which was from the saw is not as good as his talent behind the wheel.

The Monegasque Charles Leclerc, world leader including ferrariwas also a special guest of the Marlins at a game on Wednesday and rallied with several players.

Lewis Hamilton at Pierre Gasley They shared relaxing moments with two living legends of American sports.

The Briton, who seeks to bring back a difficult start to the season along Mercedesmet Tom Brady, the best quarterback in the history of NFL, and demonstrated their sports skills. Not on the circuit track or with an oval football; They played a few holes of golf.

“14 world titles in one tweet”Hamilton wrote next to the photo of the two, referring to his seven F1 crowns and seven American Super Bowls. Brady, for his part, tweeted: “A man with 7 world titles and Tom Brady”.

Meanwhile, Gasly enjoyed sharing at the table with the massive Michael Jordan. The Frenchman shared two photos of the meeting on his Twitter account and confirmed: “An unforgettable dinner”. In one of the photos, you can even see the best basketball player of all time wearing the Alpha Tauri pilot helmet.

Stephen Ocon was invited by Inter-Miami ng Major League Soccer, the United States soccer league. The French, from Alpine, were accepted by the Costa Rican Ariel Lassiter, one of the team figures, with whom he played on the field and toured the stadium. And he even took advantage of the visit to get a quick workout at the gym. “You have a new fan,” he wrote gratefully.

George Russell took a long walk on the beach when he arrived in Miami, but he also took the opportunity to experience live one of North American sport’s greatest sports shows: the NBA playoffs.

The Briton, from Mercedes, was sitting in the front row on FTX-Arena in the Miami Heat’s 106-92 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Drivers were also present at the magnificent opening party of the Grand Prix, held Wednesday in front of the podium, where prizes will be awarded this Sunday along with special guests and artists.

Everyone, except Fernando Alonso (who was presenting his brand new electric bike at the same time at another point in the city) took to the stage accompanied by the key managers of their teams, were presented as real stars and applauded by the audience. large crowd came to the venue for the show.

Some, in addition, have found another way to celebrate the new championship date and dive into the weekend wearing helmets with very special designs. Alonso and Verstappen added some Miami features to their standard helmet: palm trees and beaches.

The Chinese Zhou Guangyufrom Alfa Romeowas encouraged to dress him in very bright colors and have some elements that define the NBA, such as an orange ball and a rabbit reminiscent. rabbit bugs in the film spacejam.

The most original was, without a doubt, Lando Norris. the british of McLarenSi, who has also been seen relaxing playing a few holes of golf in recent days, will this weekend bring a case resembling basketball, in another clear tribute to the most competitive league in that sport.

Each in their own way, the drivers joined the great show of the Miami Grand Prix and enjoyed the preview of a Grand Circus race like never before.

Source: Clarin

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