Independent, no peace: Ritondo and Grindetti’s group opens from the “single list” and Doman comes out with tip plugs

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Independent, no peace: Ritondo and Grindetti’s group opens from

Fabián Doman came to the crossroads for criticizing the initiative to search for a list of unity with Moanism

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It seems Independiente is entering the process of normalization after the summit led by Hugo Moyano, Fabián Doman and Claudio Rudecindo, the leaders of the three groups that will battle it out in the postponed elections in December. They draw a sketch, very primitive by the way, to come up with a list. However, the Independent Unit group, led by Doman, ignored the document signed on Friday. And the journalist came out with tip caps after the action of those with him on the list.

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“The Independent Unit does not comply with and ignores the document signed and endorsed by the Official Party and the Independent Traditional and People of Independent groups at the Libertadores de América stadium yesterday,” the letter released Saturday began and signed for three heavyweights. of the group: national deputy Cristian Ritondo, the mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti, and television host Juan Marconi, as well as members of the well -known “Champagne group” such as Carlos Montaña and Jorge Damiani, among others.

In addition, pointing to Doman, they emphasize that “initiatives are purely personal decisions.” “They do not reflect the thinking of this space and have not agreed with the other political groups that make up the Independent Unit space,” they stressed.

As Clarín found out, this group of leaders, under the seal of the Unidad Independiente, considered the former Intratables driver to have “cut himself off” as they apparently did not want to share a unit list with the Moyano stooges. such as Héctor Maldonado or with former president Andrés Ducatenzeiler, who left the shadows and was present at the meeting on Rudecindo’s side.

Doman chose not to remain silent after questions from his list mates and in speaking to this newspaper he justified the search for unity “because Independiente needs solutions now.” And he warned that both Moyano and Héctor Yoyo Maldonado would stand aside if unity was achieved and he was surprised at the “incoherence of the signatories of the text.”

“Grindetti in January suggested to go to Hugo Moyano to compile a list of units. He repeated it all these months. Moreover, he was fully informed of everything and could not go to the meeting for a personal matter. ” In the same way, he pointed out that Marconi requested meetings on Moyanism, a meeting he had already identified, as detailed by Daniel Seoane, another of those who put the hook on the statement.

After the summit on Friday, the decision to withdraw all presentations to the justice system in case the consensus process made noise. Ritondo himself offered judicial protection that led to the cancellation of elections scheduled last December after the Electoral Board challenged the list headed by Doman.

In this regard, he recalled that there is no date for the election after the suspension at the end of 2021. “At least there is no ruling for the first time. I will appeal that ruling, there will be a second, it will appeal and we will be like this even until end of the year. I can’t stay as the opposition presidential candidate with my arms crossed. While a group, belonging to the space that I have, wanted to stay with my arms crossed, I can’t. “

The former visible face of the Intratables, in addition, also managed to dismiss the presence of former red president Andrés Ducatenzeiler on the unit list at last and “make sure he is not part and will not be part”, but went to Libertadores of America to support Rudecindo.

Also, Doman added that another of the reasons why the new driving format was needed was to prevent the privatization of the club and for a project to emerge for that. That thing, he explains, justifies Ritondo not wanting to be a part of it. “Perhaps there are leaders linked to PRO who can’t bear to say that. Let’s remember that macrismo became the main driver of football clubs as Public Limited Companies and stopped what they were.”

Finally, Doman said: “I was surprised at the inconsistency of what was said in a statement and what was done. Perhaps some signed it in good faith, perhaps they signed it because they did not want unity and Maybe others sign here because a unit list makes you lose some position. But Independiente is much higher than any position or any person and that is what they must understand. “

What will happen now? Uncertainty is total. And there are some scenarios depending, yes, on what justice decides. So far, everyone seems far away in search of a peaceful scenario.

What will happen now? Uncertainty is total. And there are some scenarios depending, yes, on what justice decides. So far, everyone seems far away in search of a peaceful scenario.

Source: Clarin

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