“No one should be saved”

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Pedro Troglio made no excuse. He sat in the conference room after his San Lorenzo’s opaque 1-1 against Atlético Tucumán on the New Gasometer and exposed the reality of the team: “Any analysis is useless. You have to win and you don’t win. We deserved it, but we didn’t win and that’s all that’s left. No one should be saved. Embarrassing. It may be a push, but ultimately leaves you insulted.

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Storm’s DT is dull: “It’s a step backwards in all senses, in relationships with people and in how we came to be.” And he examined the equality that left a taste of defeat: “We deserved to win and were comfortable. We had a lot of chances against a team that fell, which was perfect. But we failed in the last pass, instead of sticking together we tried to avoid. It cost us that they tied the game. To get out of the moment, we need to be clearer. “

Under the deluge.  Troglio couldn’t straighten out San Lorenzo’s run.  Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia

Under the deluge. Troglio couldn’t straighten out San Lorenzo’s run. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia

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Troglio can’t find a way around a San Lorenzo that has long been dragging on a severe football crisis that has already been swallowed up by some technicians. Former Gymnastics does not set deadlines and focuses on improvement. “I said that San Lorenzo as a team, more than not having a good season in the last tournament, has an obligation to get into the top four. But we are not campaigning for it. It remains to seek to add for what is to come ”, he said.

In criticism, he said: “There is anger. Here you have to win, there is no other mystery. We cannot stay with what came to us once. You need to score goals. I’m worried I won’t win. The criticism is perfect. We have nothing to say. I can go here and sweeten their ears, but if you don’t win … The responsibility is always with the coach ”.

Sarmiento will go to Junín for Boedo’s staff and on Wednesday the 13th he will play at Racing de Córdoba for the Argentine Cup. “In Junín it is a final. You have to win to add. Seven points is very small. And we will also play the Argentine Cup in the best way.” A real Troglio.

Source: Clarin

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