Marcelo Gallardo, spicy at the conference after River’s victory: “Julián Álvarez is leaving, shall we bring in a kinesiologist?”

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Marcelo Gallardo, spicy at the conference after River's victory:

Marcelo Gallardo hailed his team’s win against Colo Colo. Photo: Germán García Adrasti.

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River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo hoped last night that the idea of ​​the Núñez club, which has already qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, “will bring in a senior player to replace Julián Álvarez, who will leave in July, but you don’t have to lie to people, because the transfer market is difficult“.

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“Julián is leaving and it is not easy to carry a weight. Because those who think about it I invite you to our office at Ezeiza property so you can tell me how it is done. The market is tough. You have to be consistent and patient, but we will do everything possible to bring a player up the hierarchy, because we will leave a great footballer, although we should not lie to people, ”Gallardo said.

“Markets are always complex and because of a matter of dates, some always have advantages, because when outsiders are arming themselves, we are at the stage of definition in Argentina. But we are always trying. to resolve it in the best possible way, “he clarified. Muñeco “after qualifying in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores as first in Group F.

But he clarified that “it also depends on the will of the footballers. We will enforce logical market values. If the player has the desire to leave, never rule out that possibility. But we must be calm because there is very little time for maneuver.We play a quick round of 16 and I think no one wants to leave at that point. I usually let reporters know if a player wants to leave“, he warned.

elegant, spicy

In that section of the conference, when he was talking about Julián Álvarez and his impending departure from Manchester to join the City, Manika met a journalist who was trying to figure out who he would take as reinforcements to replace. one of the numbers in his group.

“The case of Julián Álvarez is a necessity that we will have and it will not be easy, but I think the team is well formed, so we will not do any madness … We will go for the very specific. position, ”said the coach, who changed his face when a journalist asked him“ if it was possible to know what (these positions) ”.

“Would you like to give me names?” Doll asked, ironically. “Hopefully, yes,” the journalist replied, following the coach’s game. But it wasn’t a night of good weather in Núñez, at least in the press.

“No, no, I don’t have names …”, Gallardo wanted to close the issue. But he received a new query: “And how about that?”. And there it went to another level, cause Marcelo sent a spicy Chicana.

“Position? But reason …” Gallardo asked, almost a challenge. And he continued: “Julián Álvarez will leave us, what will we bring? A central marker? But reason … We say that Julián Álvarez will leave, what will we bring? A kinesiologist? No, we will try to bring Forward “.

Success and classification

“That’s why I analyzed what we did in the first half, because we were irregular, but the search introduced us and what was seen in some passages of the match against Colo-Colo (thrashed 4-0). It was a key match. because we rose from the setback with Tigre in the local tournament, “said Gallardo.

“And we came back against a very good rival. The first half was equal and we were more accurate in the second half. And we could even win more widely. We qualified against a great rival. And sometimes we weren’t. we suffer It is also because of the merit of rivals, because it is not easy to maintain yourself for so many years with this level of competitiveness, ”he assesses.

And finally Gallardo identified two specific cases although not identical within the campus, clarifying first that the “continuation of Nicolás De la Cruz (he has not yet renewed his contract) is a position held by managers. But there is a good disposition on both sides “.

Conflicting with Choice?

River is already ahead of his group Libertadores and he just needs to meet the schedule when he faces Alianza Lima next week, at Most Monumental. From the Argentine National Team, they granted that the DT would be given in advance to Franco Armani and Julián Álvarez, the two Rivers players called up by Scaloni for the final against Italy at Wembley, on 1st June. However, Doll has other plans.

“So, for Franco Armani and Julián Álvarez, they will only be released after the last group stage game on May 25 against Alianza Lima. and not before“, warns the coach, suggesting some short circuit for the call.

The backbone of Paulo Diaz

After mentioning that he was happy “for the good performance that (Rafael Santos) Borré had” at the appointment of German Eintracht Frankfurt as Europa League champions, Gallardo made way for Paulo Díaz, who wore for the first time against his Chilean. compatriots tape the captain due to the absence of Enzo Pérez and Franco Armani.

“I need a fight like this to get rid of my thorn (after a mistake against Tigers that resulted in him leaving the Professional League Cup semifinals). That game could happen. Obviously I don’t want this to happen. And against Colo-Colo is the opportunity to once again show the security I provide to my team, ”Díaz said.

“It’s that I feel comfortable in River. I like to always be fighting for the cups. It’s the main thing. Marcelo told me he was going to be captain, I always fight for that and this time it’s my turn. My family should be proud of this distinction ”, closed the versatile 27 -year -old defender.

Source: Clarin

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