Luciano Acosta recounted how his passing to PSG fell apart: “The world fell on me”

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Luciano Acosta recounts how his passing to PSG fell through:

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Luciano Acosta with Wayne Rooney at DC United. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

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“My world collapsed”. This is how he lived out the opportunity Argentine Luciano Acosta had in 2019 when he went from picking the shirt number to join Paris Saint Germain to collapsing the proposal. For the Argentine, who is present at FC Cincinnati in the United States, the news he received from his representative was a total surprise, which may change the history of his career, but the end is not the dream.

It all happened when the Argentine played for DC United, who at the time had joined the historic Wayne Rooney in the attacking team that was disputing the Major League Soccer. In a great campaign for the player to exit Boca Juniors, the proposal from PSG came when he did not expect it via a phone call.

While the striker was in his apartment quietly resting, he began to see a call from his representative on his phone. Acosta was busy and could not answer the call, which at the time he did not give much importance to. But he changed his mind when he received a message from Leandro Paredes saying “I answered the phone”according to the hurdle.

Luciano Acosta, with the FC Cincinnati jersey.  (Reuters)

Luciano Acosta, with the FC Cincinnati jersey. (Reuters)

That’s where the situation started in a different way. When he answered the call, he heard the voice of his representative: “I need you to travel to Paris now. PSG love you“he counted Fought. A dream situation for the player and also unexpected. Faced with this call and at the request of his representative, he began to store his belongings and traveled to the city of France. With the endorsement of his team, he arrived in Paris where he was everything is ready to perform the medical examination.

Once on French soil, the Argentine was consulted by his representative what jersey number do you want to wear within the template. And from this moment on, the dream became a nightmare. Traveling to the medical examination, the striker received a call from his representative that he did not expect. “You have to go back to the hotel, everything fell apart”, quoted the Argentine saw how his dream collapsed.

At that moment and again at the hotel, the 27-year-old player arrived “the world below” because he is only a few minutes away and will soon play at the club where his potential attacking partners are: Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. From being a dream for any football lover to failing at an opportunity that could have completely changed his life.

Source: Clarin

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