will sign a million dollar contract with Gucci

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Football player Jack GrealishSi, currently a player for Manchester City in England, will be hired by well -known Italian company Gucci to start wearing its brand in exchange for a millionaire figure who has yet to become official. Pep Guardiola’s team crack has already used the brand on his clothing and now he is formally sponsoring it, by a number consisting of seven digits.

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Although the signing of the contract has not been made official by the company or the player, there are still details for it to take place. According to historical data, this is the first time that the Italian company dedicated to fashion will be represented by a footballer because it has always been committed to having well-known singers and artists as representatives.

In the middle of last year, a day before Lionel Messi announced his departure from Barcelona, ​​the British attacker was acquired by City for more than 100 million euros from Aston Villa, the Villains team, where he currently lives. are the Argentines Emiliano “Dibu” Martinez and Emiliano Buendía.

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Guardiola requested it and City gave their coach the pleasure.  Photo: Oli SCARFF / AFP.

Guardiola requested it and City gave their coach the pleasure. Photo: Oli SCARFF / AFP.

This purchase put him as the most expensive British player in history and as a revelation in the transfer market. The midfielder, who is also usually selected to represent the English soccer team, has no performance that he has shown on his previous team and that is to be expected in citizens.

The Briton, during his time in the City shirt, had just four goals and three assists in the 30 games he has played in all competitions. Although he will still have time to reverse this situation as he has a contract with the club until 2027. Also, “Pep” is considered by the team since he has been included in the last three games, occupying the position of extreme left.

Grealish’s arrival in news related to trends and fashion reminds us of David Beckham’s best era, when the former Manchester United and England National Team (who looked similar to the City attacker) was a machine for building economic income thanks to his image than the magic that comes out of his booties.

Source: Clarin

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