Carey Price returned to training with her teammates

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Goalkeeper Carey Price returned to training with his fellow Canadiens on Monday at the Bell Center.

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Interim head coach Martin St-Louis could not say when Price might dive into the fight, but the star goaltender seemed comfortable returning to training with his teammates.

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If you ask me if I scored against him, the answer is no. Therefore, it must be ready for tomorrowjoke by forward Brendan Gallagher, who could return to action on Tuesday against the Ottawa Senators after an eight -game absence.

It was a difficult time for him and he was working hard. Hopefully we will see him again soonGallagher added with a bit of seriousness.

After participating in several practices with another group in March, Carey Price withdrew again from her rehabilitation due to a virus unrelated to COVID-19. He resumed training alone at the Bell Sports Complex last week, while the Habs were away.

The 34-year-old goalkeeper has yet to play this season. He underwent knee surgery on July 23, then was sidelined for 30 days this fall to deal with a substance abuse problem thanks to the NHL and Association players assistance program.

His fitness program then went off the rails because of COVID-19.

For Carey, it was important for her to see where she was before the summer, to come up with answersmentioned St-Louis when asked about the importance of seeing Price play a few games between now and the end of the season.

For me, it will be encouraging to get a little sample of Carey, to be able to see how he plays and how he feels, he added. The Montreal Canadiens are in a better position. This is Carey Price!

Striker Michael Pezzetta also took part in the training. He wore a sweater indicating that he should avoid contact.

His last showing began on March 26 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He then sustained an injury to his upper body.

In 44 games this season, Pezzetta has five goals and three assists.

CH trained at the Bell Center after taking their last team photo of the season. Forward Jonathan Drouin, who has been sidelined due to a wrist injury, and captain Shea Weber, whose career is coming to an end, were the only notable absentees.

The team said Drouin continues to follow NHL protocol guidelines regarding COVID-19. He is also waiting for a chance to get a second opinion regarding the condition of his right wrist.

Some new faces

Under the COVID-19 cases, there were many injuries and team failures, few changes were noticed when the team photo was taken.

Management changed, as Marc Bergevin was replaced by Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes. St-Louis replaced Dominique Ducharme behind the bench.

In total, 45 different players have played at least one game on the Habs this season.

Canadian athletes holding Canadian flags.

This is a crazy seasonidentified goalkeeper Jake Allen.

I try to take something from each season, the good and the bad, but little more than the good. […] I patted the shoulders of four or five guards, which I had never experienced before. It was a real whirlwind. Hopefully I won’t experience this season againhowever he admitted.

Gallagher said he hung the 2020-21 team photo on a wall at his home Sunday night.

I love looking at these photos, these faces, he said. You stay in touch with a lot of teammates, but there’s others you don’t, even if you used to get along. Personally, I love every year here and every band. No bad bands yet. I always have fun in the arena and it brings back memories when you look at these photos.

Gallagher’s memories of the 2021-22 season are likely to be less interesting than last season, when the team reached the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Source: Radio-Canada

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