Carlos Tevez reappears after the Boca title: he defends Marcos Rojo’s celebration and explains why he didn’t go to Bombonera

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Carlos Tevez reappears after the Boca title: he defends Marcos Rojo’s celebration and explains why he didn’t go to Bombonera

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Tevez spoke for the first time of the Boca title in an Instagram chat.

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Talking about Carlos Tevez is about Boca. As a result, the last xeneize idol was consulted in a live broadcast he made on social networks about the title Sebastián Battaglia’s team won on Sunday.

First, the Apache did not hide their happiness for the 72 star added by the Ribera club, after beating the Tigers in Córdoba and winning the 2022 Professional League Cup.

“It’s normal, we’re used to being champions, winning”Carlitos pulled out his chest, which this time had to be enjoyed from the other side.

“Formerly as a player, now as a fan, happy like all the people in Boca, happy. As it should be,” celebrated the 38-year-old striker who played his last game in blue and gold nearly a year ago. .

In June 2021, he decided to leave Boca amid short circuits with Juan Román Riquelme, and since then he has never played professionally for any team again.

Tevez decided to leave Boca in June.  Photo: AFP

Tevez decided to leave Boca in June. Photo: AFP

“I want to go on Thursday or Friday to continue the celebration. Now that I can celebrate as a fan, I celebrate as a fan. A la Boca, as always, “continued Tevez, thinking of the” final “cup.

Next Thursday night, Xeneize welcomes Deportivo Cali with the obligation to beat the Colombian team to advance to the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

One of the pictures of the celebration for capturing the local tournament that has been talked about and talked about in recent hours is Marcos Rojo’s smoking and drinking beer in the middle of the playing field. In this regard, Carlitos gave an opinion and bankrolled the defender.

“As long as he performs on the court and can defend the colors … They always want us as examples, not me. Yes, as an inspiration for important things or to achieve the dream they set for themselves, but the examples are the parents. Everyone celebrates as they think, because it comes out and makes them happy“He went back to chatting on Instagram with comedian el Mazi.

The return of Carlos Tevez to Bombonera

In a fragment of the talk on Monday night, Tevez acknowledged that it was not yet time to return to the Boca field as a fan. And he gave his reasons.

“It’s too early. I can watch games on TV, but going on the pitch is like a dagger. It’s too early“, warning.

And he’s honest: “It’s not easy to go on the field after one has stopped playing. I didn’t go because I was having a hard time. It brings back memories of my father (who passed away in February 2021), my family … There came a cataract of emotions that still could not go away. “

“That’s why I didn’t go. I’m not ready to think yet“, He added.

Tevez, honored by West Ham.  Photo: AFP

Tevez, honored by West Ham. Photo: AFP

The Apache played their last official match in Boca’s shirt on May 31, 2021, when Xeneize were eliminated in the Copa Argentina in the semifinals after losing in a penalty shootout to Racing.

Since then, some clubs have wanted to tempt him. However, Carlitos is honest about a possible return to football. “Player has left”, graduated.

One of his last public photos was on the pitch of West Ham, another former club. On touring Europe with his family, Apache received a shirt and was honored by the leadership before the duel against Burnley.

He also took advantage of his stay in London to see one of the great FA Cup games: the cross between Manchester City, the club where he played, and Liverpool for the semifinals.

The Carlos Tevez series

Tevez seemed relaxed in the conversation. And there was also time to discuss other issues away from the ball. Also, he clarified that he is far from following the trend of his friend Sergio Kun Agüero as a streamer. “I don’t understand anything about networks, I’m old -fashioned,” he joked.

When asked about the “Apache” series, an 8 -chapter biopic that everyone loves on Netflix and tells part of his life, he clarified that the second part is “somewhat stopped”.

“We were about to grab, but the second part stopped a bit. But it would be nice to do it. The second part, if it’s done, is going to be much more about my most private life,” he slipped.

“But Vane (Mansilla, his wife) is also involved in it and takes care of him more. And more with the family. It doesn’t go so much with sports, but more with the family,” he explained. .

Source: Clarin

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