Football coming up: the 2022 Professional League fixture has been announced and the Boca final is already dated

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Football coming up: the 2022 Professional League fixture has been announced and the Boca final is already dated

Boca and River will play on the weekend of Sept. 11 at La Bombonera. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

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The change in the calendar this season due to the World Cup being held in Qatar on an atypical date (between November 21 and December 17) has forced national and continental organizations to adapt the contention seasons of their competitions. . In this difficult task is the Professional Soccer League, which on Thursday announced the fixture of the second tournament of the year and also the day of the Champions Trophy, which Boca will fight.

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The League will start over the weekend of June 5 and will cover 27 dates, as the 28 participating teams will measure each other only once. To plan these 27 days, the governing body of the competition in the First Division must consider the possible commitments of the clubs participating in the competitions organized by the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) as well as the minimum rest time that required. double competition.

The Superclásico between Boca and River is scheduled for the 18th date, which will take place over the weekend of September 11, in Bombonera. Meanwhile, the Avellaneda classic between Racing and Independiente is on its seventh day (the weekend of July 10) in President Perón and the clash between San Lorenzo and Huracán will be played out on the 22nd date (October 2) in Pedro Biden.

Meanwhile, Estudiantes will host Gimnasia on the first date, Colón will face Unión on Brigadier López on the second day (June 12), Rosario Central will face Newell’s in Arroyito on the ninth (July 20) and Banfield will will be local against Lanús on the 20th (September 18).

Even before the programming became official, the leaders of several clubs that visited the League Cup on the day of the interzonal duels expressed their displeasure when they learned that their teams would have to play the classic again outside their stadium. Given this situation, the League expects Huracán, Newell’s and Unión to once again be guests in games against San Lorenzo, Rosario Central and Colón, respectively.

In a statement published on its website, the organization recalled that last year it was agreed that in the 2022 League the locality would invest in classics as opposed to those against the 2021 League. It will be respected, because in that Hurricane contest, Newell’s and the Union played a derby at home. And he warned that in 2023 the three teams will be guaranteed a local classic.

As for the Champions Trophy, where Boca (as the winner of the League Cup) and the League champion will face each other, it is initially scheduled for October 30. However, it has been postponed to November 6 because the final of the Copa Libertadores on October 29 and it aims to avoid any possible overlap due to the chance that a team will have to play the same game.

The entity also reported that an agreement has been reached with the Argentine Football Association so that footballers who play on teams participating in the League and are summoned by Lionel Scaloni for the World Cup will join the team when they have finished participating in the tournament with their club and even after playing a match for the Champions Trophy.

Source: Clarin

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