Liverpool vs Real Madrid: why they didn’t allow Benzema’s goal in the Champions League finals

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid: why they didn’t allow Benzema’s goal in the Champions League finals

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The moment of Benzema’s definition, which will eventually be overturned by the VAR. Photo: Paul ELLIS / AFP.

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the cry of Karim Benzema quickly drowned. He hadn’t celebrated more than two or three steps and he had to stop the march: the French referee’s index Clement Turpin pointed the headset and not half court for you Liverpool you come out in the middle VAR analysis on and off for real Madrid.

What happened? Benzema dropped a nice ball in the form of a pass and faced Allison but was very open to the right of the small area. When the Frenchman tried to hook his left foot, it was long and he grabbed the back. Liverpool defenders and the goalkeeper failed to get stuck.

Karim Benzema's definition after the rebound.  Photo: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez.

Karim Benzema’s definition after the rebound. Photo: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez.

there is a point: the game went dirty, Valverde attacked and the ball fell back to Benzema, who now defined the net. The Uruguayan’s unexpected hit found the scorer in an advanced position. It was a good decision by the referees to overturn the goal that gave victory to Ancelotti’s staff.

The regulation is clear and the key word for this action is rescued: “A player in an offside position shall be deemed not to have taken advantage of that position when he receives the ball from an opponent who has voluntarily played the ball, including a voluntary handball, unless it is a save by an opponent “.

Which is a rescued? The action of a player whose goal is to stop or deflect the ball, or attempt to prevent or deflect it, when it goes in the direction of the goal or is very close to it on any part of the body, except the hands of course.

Saving is not a back pass. If Valverde had voluntarily played backwards, the story would have been different.

Source: Clarin

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