Vecchio has had a medical examination and is the surprise reinforcement of Racing de Gago: “It’s a unique opportunity”

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Vecchio has had a medical examination and is the surprise reinforcement of Racing de Gago:

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Vecchio leaves the clinic, after undergoing medical studies, before signing with Racing. Photo: Capture TV

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After frustration in the Professional League Cup and South American Cup, Racing has moved on. Beyond the failure that meant the failure to achieve the goals of the first half, Fernando Gago is already focused on the two goals that remain for his team in 2022: the local championship, which starts on Saturday against Huracán, and the Copa Argentina, on Wednesday 8 before Agropecuario in Jujuy. And in this sense he has already tied up his first reinforcement.

This is Emiliano Vecchio. And it was surprising because no one expected the hitch to come, which was released by Rosario Central. Especially for its characteristics, similar to those of Edwin Cardona. He is already in Buenos Aires, he undergoes a medical examination at the Institute of Medical Diagnosis and in the afternoon he will sign a contract for 18 months.

The 33-year-old creative midfielder had ended up with some physical problems and separated from the Rosario team by Leandro Somoza. With the pass in his possession, he negotiated with Racing. “We are finishing the details”, replied the president, Víctor Blanco, a Clarione.

As this newspaper might find out, The player has been working for 12 days with a demanding double shift training at a sports center in Rosario. And he is already very close to losing the 6 kilos that Gago was asking for. “He wants to be 11 points”, they stuck in his environment.

This morning Vecchio enters the clinic for the exams.

This morning Vecchio enters the clinic for the exams.

“A war was brewing that was of no use to anyone. Somoza had the idea of ​​him and I was not in the project of him. The most comfortable thing was to leave. Last semester was very complicated, I was sick because of what I was going through and sometimes you don’t want to play football anymore. I thought about retiring. I want to play in Argentine football, “said the player ESPN.

Vecchio had offers from Peñarol and Nacional and polls from Argentinos and San Lorenzo. He will play in Racing.

And while Javier Correa’s situation is resolved (they deal with continuity), Carlos Rotondi and Johan Carbonero play. And the big bet: Agustín Almendra, who has already spoken with the coach, wants to play in Racing, but it depends on Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of Boca. Will he agree to negotiate with a strong local football rival?

This morning, after the medical examination, Vecchio spoke his first words, practically from Racing because the signature was still missing: “For me it is a unique opportunity in a team like Racing, it fills me with pride and happiness. focused on what I can give to the club, I’m here to give my best. “

Old man’s word

Source: Clarin

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