“Everything changed after the Copa América”: the reflection of Ángel Di María after another title with the Argentine national team

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Di María’s distinctive celebration added another stage to his story: the legendary Wembley in London. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros – CLARIN

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Lionel Scaloni’s Argentine Selection once again shouted champion. The second in less than twelve months, after 28 years of drought at the highest levels. he now he won the Final against Italy 3-0 with goals from Lautaro Martínez, Ángel Di María and Paulo Dybala, and a team that danced to the rhythm of Lionel Messi at Wembley stadium in London.

One of the best players on the playing field was little angel Di María, who was eliminated with a superb goal on the keeper in the 45th minute of the first phase after Lautaro Martínez was cleared.

Di Maria, 34, linked by the Italian press to Juventus after leaving Paris Saint Germain, commented with emotion after the celebrations: “The truth is that I am very happy, very happy. Another cup. Another medal is something very beautiful for all of us “.

Ángel Di María went from resistant to hero in the national team.  Photo: AFP.

Ángel Di María went from resistant to hero in the national team. Photo: AFP.

“For all the Argentines who came here and filled the stadium. Dedicate it to all our family who are always behind us and it is the best thing”He continued.

Di María reinforced the coach’s idea: don’t let your guard down and keep a firm approach. “The truth is that I think the coach said it. It may happen that at some point things don’t work out, but we have to play our game, what we have done, work the same way. And I think today we did it. see it again. Working as we always have, with a positive mindset and everything goes on, “he said.

With this victory, the national team broke a new record and reached the 32 games without knowing the defeat. Meanwhile, Di María noted the 2021 Copa América obtained at Maracana. “I think everything changed after the Copa América. There was a spectacular Copa América where the backpack was taken off and now I think we are having fun, having fun and I think things come out a lot easier, “he brandished.

The celebrations of the champion.  Photo: AFP.

The celebrations of the champion. Photo: AFP.

The spaghetti scored the 2-0 at Wembley with a subtle touch on the goalkeeper. But he had already done so to win gold in 2008 and the Copa América in July 2021.

For little angel not everything is said yet. But you have to follow this path step by step. “We have to keep going like this,” she said. “Whenever we get together we have fun, we feel good, we work well and I think that’s the important thing. To continue on this path, we are all enthusiastic but with our heads on the ground knowing that this is long and that there is still a long way to go “she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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