Carlos Tevez has announced his retirement from football and has revealed that he will be the technical director

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Carlos Tevez has announced his retirement from football and has revealed that he will be the technical director

Carlos Tevez announced his retirement from football at the age of 38. AFP photo.

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After several months of silence and exactly one year after the press conference in which he announced his departure from Boca Juniors, Carlos Tevez announced his retirement as a professional footballer at the age of 38 and revealed that the death of his father, Segundo, it was what prompted him to hang up his boots.

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“I played a long time, a lot of time wasted. I’m already retired, confirmed. They offered me so many things, in the United States and Argentina. But that’s all, I have already given everything I had in my heart and this leaves me calmer “, said El Apache in a face to face with Alejandro Fantino, in the program Stray animalsfrom America.

Regarding the day he decided to end his career, he recalled: “One day I got up and told Vane I didn’t want to play anymore. That night I called Riquelme and told him the next day I needed. of the club to make the conference.

Meanwhile, he said it was his old man’s departure that led him to quit the business. “On my last birthday, during the party, I asked the microphone to say a few words. My family always asked me why I retired, if I was okay. So I explained why,” she said.

And he continued, more and more excited and glassy-eyed: “I told them: ‘I stopped playing because I lost my number one fan.´. I was eight and it was he who came to see me. So I said that’s it, I don’t play for anyone else. I think it was the last time I really thought about myself. “

Faced with his future, he revealed that he will be a technical director: “I have decided that I will direct, I will be a technician. I have a project with Chapa Retegui. We have been working for a long time, four or five months. We are putting together a very nice project. and it excites me. I have the same tingling sensation as when I was playing football. “

News in development.

Source: Clarin

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