Débora Gómez reached the cards, but failed to beat champion Lourdes Juárez

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Débora Gómez reached the cards, but failed to beat champion Lourdes Juárez

“Polvorita” Gómez lost by unanimous decision and added the eighth defeat of his career. Capture TV photos

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Debora “Dust” Gomez couldn’t with the Mexican Lourdes Juárez. In Fresnillo, Zacatecas, the local boxer was smart in maintaining the difference she managed to establish during the fight and, despite the reaction of the Buenos Aires native in the final stretch, she rested more physically and kept the world super flyweight. of the World Boxing Council title.

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The 35-year-old Mexican boxer expert, who He hasn’t lost a battle for a little over eight years.he prevailed in the Dome of the Fair with cards in favor of 96-94, 98-92, 98-92, in a fight in which he received a couple of blows to the head, one of which caused a lot of bleeding.

Despite this, “Little Lulu” achieved victory number 34 (4 KOs) in her career, in which she barely accumulated two losses and successfully defended her crown.

27-year-old boxer José León Suárez suffered his eighth defeat in a record that also includes 7 wins (none before the edge) and 2 draws.

The last match of “Polvorita” Gómez was in December last year, at the Tierras Altas Sports Center, in Tortuguitas, where they lost by points to Ayelén Granadino, also from Buenos Aires.

Bad start for “Polvorita” Gómez

The first two assaults were of study; From long range, “Little Lulu” tried to score impacts with the “jab” against an opponent with a good defense.

The the reigning monarch began to control the fight after the third round; she damaged with the ‘jab’, and also came with the hook to the stomach against an opponent with attacks, one of which with a header to the face of the Mexican.

Juarez kept a comfortable card advantage of the referees when the fight came in the middle, hence the fight changed because Lourdes increased the bleeding and started to be careful not to get another hit because the referee didn’t warn or penalize Gómez for his illegal attacks .

Argentina’s reaction was not enough

Gómez took advantage of the conditions and he regained ground in rounds seven and eight; He enters with the 1-2 and takes the initiative against an opponent more concerned about not getting hurt than attacking.

However, the Argentine left-handed looked tired, threw the protector to the ground and could not complete the initiative in the last two rounds where, although there were not many punches, Juarez did the work to keep the lead.

With information from EFE.

Source: Clarin

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