“Intruding in a difficulty that I have had since I was a child is not good”: Rodrigo Rey defended himself after the hot end of the classic Allievi-Gymnastics

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Rodrigo Rey and the moment of turmoil with the Estudiantes players. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia – CLARIN

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Sometimes football folklore is on the verge of crossing the line between charge and aggression. Something like that was what happened with Estudiantes fans during the classic against Gimnasia in stage of one. The cameras and the critics are gone with the doorman Wolf, Rodrigo Refor doing gestures to the supporters of Pincha, But in his post-meeting statements, he explained what happened and why he decided to say hello to them ironically.

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After the final whistle, Rey went to look for her towel by the side of the door, looked up in front of the fans, he slapped his chest and greeted them. This has not gone unnoticed by the players of the click who went to complain the goalkeeper and not even the referee Patricio Loustau, who warned him in the midst of a general uproar that involved all the protagonists.

What was Rey’s explanation? During the game, the people of the click insulted the goalkeeper of those led by Pipo Gorosito, but that was not what bothered him but that he had messed with a personal problem. In mixed zone statements, he stated: “Getting involved in a difficulty that I have had since I was a child is not going to work. We let them move and that’s okay, but there are things that come from evil, they try to hurt“.

the archer of 31 years old He has lived with some degree of stuttering since he was little, which he took responsibility for classifying as disfluence of speech. Without the post-game revolutions and with more calm this Monday, he detailed TyC Sport what causes it “think about things faster” than what it says. “I think 20 things and when I want to say them I get stuck. It’s like a hitch, I don’t repeat what I say but I come with dialogue and my head wants to go faster than my mouth“, to complete.

In some situations, like in the speeches he made when he was a Godoy Cruz player, he doesn’t suffer from it. “For days it is, others notbut the main thing about this is that it didn’t stop me at all, “said the current Gymnastics goalkeeper and added that as a boy he didn’t experience such a thing:” I think about it today and it was strange that I didn’t have any acts of bullying”. Now he had to live it big.

Given the harassment he received Rodrigo Re required: “I hope they don’t do it with me or with anyone, because football is something else”.

Source: Clarin

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