Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro sympathized with the gymnastics goalkeeper who was insulted for his stutter

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Pedro’s “Wado” sympathized with the goalkeeper of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata for the complaints he suffered due to his stuttering. Photo Ignacio Blanco / The Andes

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The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, expressed his solidarity with the goalkeeper of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata this Monday, Rodrigo Re, who this Sunday received insults from the student gallery in the context of the classic La Plata for his stuttering. Alberto Fernández’s field official raised his profile to face the problem of one’s own dysfluence in speaking and raising flags against bullying.

“I spoke to Rodrigo Rey, goalkeeper of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, about what happened on Sunday. I agree that these attitudes ‘do not add up as a club or for our football’. ” I want to emphasize his integrity in the face of aggression. More and more people are raising their voices against intolerance “, wrote De Pedro on his social networks in solidarity with the footballer.

Gimnasia and Estudiantes met this weekend in the La Plata classic. At the end of the game the cameras and criticisms went to the Wolf goalkeeper for gesturing to the Pincha fansbut in his post-meeting statements he explained what happened and why he decided to greet them ironically.

After the final whistle, Rey went to get her towel at the side of the door, he looked at the fans, slapped his chest and greeted them. This did not go unnoticed by the Pincha players who went to complain to the goalkeeper and not even by the referee Patricio Loustau, who cautioned him in the middle of a general uproar which involved all the protagonists.

"I think 20 things and when I want to tell them I get stuck," Rodrigo Rey explained about his condition.  Photo Maurizio Nievas

“I think 20 things and when I want to tell them I get stuck,” Rodrigo Rey explained about his condition. Photo Maurizio Nievas

What was Rey’s explanation? During the match the people of Pincha insulted the goalkeeper of those led by Pipo Gorosito, but this is not what bothered him but that he had slipped into a personal problem. In mixed zone statements, he stated: “Messing around with a difficulty I’ve had since I was a kid won’t help me. Let them bitch and this is good, but there are things that come from evil, they try to do evil. “

Those same statements to the TyC Sports channel were reproduced by De Pedro in his message of solidarity to the goalkeeper on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The 31-year-old goalkeeper lived together some degree of stuttering, which he took charge of classifying as language dysfluence. Without the post-game revolutions and more calmly this Monday, he explained to the sports channel that his problems caused him “think about things faster” than what it says. “I think 20 things and when I want to say them I get stuck. It’s like a lock I don’t repeat what I say, but I come with dialogue and my head wants to go faster than my mouth, “he explained.

In some situations, like in the speeches he made when he was a Godoy Cruz player, he doesn’t suffer from it. “For days it is, others not, but the main thing is that it didn’t stop me at all”, said the current gymnastics goalkeeper and added that as a boy he didn’t experience such a thing: “I think about it today and it was strange that I didn’t suffer from bullying.” Now he had to live it big and in a classic.


Source: Clarin

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