Villa: from the request for arrest for the report of sexual abuse, to the finish line and to a celebration unrelated to its relevance

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Villa: from the request for arrest for the report of sexual abuse, to the finish line and to a celebration unrelated to its relevance

Villa’s party in front of the fans and turning a deaf ear to what is happening around him. Photo: Argentine Cup Press.

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The request for detention made Tuesday from pm Vanessa Gonzalez On Sebastiano Villa Following the lawsuit investigating the attacker for a sexual abuse complaint, he did not prevent the technical director from Mouth, Sebastiano Battaglia, put it as a title. And the Colombian played and was once again fundamental in the victory over Ferro for the Argentine Cup: the goal was his.

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Without the pressure of such a delicate procedural situation, Villa staged his show during the celebration in front of fans in La Rioja. He ran to the side gallery, pointed to his chest with his right index finger and made the unmistakable sign of denial with the same finger. “I do not”. Similar Ramon Diazwhen he denied being part of River’s lineage, but without many gestures.

In the same run, he pointed to his right ear and returned to the gesture of denial with his right finger. Deaf ears? Perhaps. Then she waited for her partner and countryman to approach Franco Fabra do a choreography with movement pelvic.

The reality is that, on the pitch, the Colombian striker seems to be the solution to all the football problems that the Battaglia team has. I have seven goals and eight assists in 19 games played during this 2022.

Villa played like he wasn’t a person with an arrest warrant, celebrated like he heard the allegations against him and enjoyed shaking his hips, totally oblivious to its reality with two legal cases: one for gender-based violence and another for aggravated sexual abuse.

The last of these, for which the prosecutor asked for the arrest, took place in the preview of the semi-final of the Professional League Cup. On that occasion, against Racing, the Colombian was also a starter. Academy fans have dedicated songs to him to remind him of his accused status. The Colombian also did not have a passive attitude and dedicated some gestures to them, after converting his penalty in the decisive series.

What will happen to the Villa?

The judge of Lomas de Zamora’s Guarantees 2, Javier Maffucci Moore, still has four days to decide whether or not to accept the request for arrest made by prosecutor González and everything indicates that he will not take action at least until Friday.

On Thursday morning, the lawyer of the 26-year-old who denounced Villa said he was “surprised” by the request for the arrest of the accused, as there is “extremely solid evidence”.

“The request for arrest does not surprise me considering that from day one I have stated that there is extremely strong evidence and that the victim’s story does not have any kind of crack,” said the lawyer. Roberto Castillo in dialogue with C5N.

Source: Clarin

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