Grobocopatel: “I want to beat Boca also on PlayStation”

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The president of the Agropecuario has seen how the club he founded has made history against the team of his loves.

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On Wednesday, Agropecuario gave the bang against Racing for 16th place. of the Argentine Cup and, after having overturned the result and won 2-1, in the round of 16 they will face Boca. Bernardo Grobocopatel, president of the soybean company and well-known fan of the Academy, felt the game against Xeneize and analyzed the victory over Racing and the club’s present.

Agropecuario beat Racing and went to 8th place.  of the Argentine Cup.  Photo: agricultural press.

Agropecuario beat Racing and went to 8th place. of the Argentine Cup. Photo: agricultural press.

“The players know this a I also want to beat Boca on PlayStation“, he shot the president of soy while talking with TNT Sports. And he added:” Also to Racing, with Agro of course, but much more at Boca. “

Also, the match against Xeneize is throbbing. “The players will be happy because the sweetness ends here. The shirt with the legend ‘Thank you Dad for letting me run’ was a case that will not be repeated. Against Boca it will be a special match, against them it is not played every day. We hope that things go well for us, we will try to be a tough rival like against Racing. We all have the illusion “, assured him.

“Against Boca there won’t be a legend on the shirt,” he noted. “One thing is the gratitude that comes from the heart and another is the respect for an institution like Boca. It’s the folklore of football, but obviously we want to beat Boca, it would give Agropecuario a better structure and help us to be bigger, “he explained.

And he took the opportunity to throw a stick at Boca: “PI intend to lose three finals playing well as Racing and not win a final and come out as champion without having football discussions“, he condemned.

Analysis vs. Racing

Grobocopatel, a famous Academy supporter, recounted how he lived the match against the club of his loves. When they scored the goal, I thought it would be complicated, but then we scored two goals. I didn’t scream the first and second, I lowered my fists a little, I ran away. But I immediately said ‘no, I can’t disrespect Racing’ “, he assured.

Grobocopatel did not shout about soy targets.

Grobocopatel did not shout about soy targets.

Certainly Diego Osella -DT from Agro- will be loved by many more clubs but we will try to keep him. You will have a thousand offers. He planned the game very well, his hand was very visible, “he said after the victory.

Finally, he spoke about the current situation in the Academy: “Let’s not get confused: Racing plays well, has an idea of ​​the game and good players. Now I speak as a Racing fan, I’m satisfied. Maybe with some reinforcements … LThose of us who have been through tough times know this is a luxury for racing“, Tire.

However, he denied aspiring to serve on the board of directors. “I have no political aspirations with Racing. I don’t know if I’m qualified because when you mix emotions or have to make decisions with something you love very much or bring back memories, it will most likely go wrong.“, he condemned.

And I add: “I am good in agriculture. I can help Racing but not because of a political decision. “

And, finally, he referred to the continuity of the Academy’s TD. “If I renew Gago? I would reply as a fan but since I can’t do it I wouldn’t even get involved in that decision. Of course I know what I would do, but I can’t answer. As a fan it’s easier, but as a manager, giving an opinion seems disrespectful to a CD and, as if that weren’t enough, to Racing “, he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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