For Luis Enrique, the Argentine team is “well above the rest”

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For Luis Enrique, the Argentine team is

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Luis Enrique, during a training session before the match between Spain and the Czech Republic in Malaga. (Photo: Jorge Guerrero / AFP)

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As the Qatar 2022 World Cup approaching, the game of speculations on offers is strengthening. Any soccer fan is encouraged to predict who will be the winner of the contest. Without the lightness of a fan without responsibility, Luis Enrique, coach of the Spanish team, positioned Argentina at the forefront of the contenders for the title.

“Vedo l’Argentina al di sopra degli altri”, ha assicurato il direttore tecnico delle Asturie quando i favoriti hanno chiesto ai favoriti di vincere il prossimo Mondiale in conferenza stampa a Malaga, dove domenica la sua squadra affronterà la Repubblica Ceca per il quarto appuntamento of the group stage of the League of Nations.

In any case, the former Barcelona technician added another candidate, even if he admitted to it for a question of protocol. “I also see Brazil above. More than anything else, because then Brazilian media will come and they will say: ‘You said that Argentina is above’. So Argentina and Brazil, well above the rest, ”he explained.

Luis Enrique, during the press conference on Saturday at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga.  (Photo: Daniel Pérez / EFE)

Luis Enrique, during the press conference on Saturday at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga. (Photo: Daniel Pérez / EFE)

Beyond the gaze on the other teams, the Spaniard also kept an eye on the performance of his team, quite questioned in recent days after the draws against Portugal in Seville and the Czech Republic in Prague in the first two dates of the championship of Nations. The criticisms were only partially subsided after the victory over Switzerland in Geneva on Thursday.

“It is interesting to generate doubts about the selection,” Luis Enrique blurted out during a press conference that had moments of tension. “You have to see things with perspective. If anyone believes we will win every match 6-0, he doesn’t know what modern football is. There is no team that wins easily “, he remarked.

Although Luis Enrique believed that the red He was not among the first contenders for the title in Qatar, he said he still had “a lot to say and offer”. “We have a good team that has options against any rival,” he stressed.

Regarding Sunday’s match against the Czechs, the coach assured that his team should “generate more dangerous situations for the opponent and be more effective” and also considered it necessary to “improve the defensive aspect when we lose the ball”.

Source: Clarin

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