The race won but things did not “look” well between Gago and the leaders: the continuity of the TD, the fulcrum of the conflict

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The race won but things didn't

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The race seemed to recover the memory against Aldosivi: it was beaten 5-0 with moments of great football. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

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The departure of Nery Domínguez, the announcement that Leonardo Sigali will not continue from December and the lack of communication that has occurred in recent times has generated some discomfort in Fernando Gago. The Racing coach is worried because there was no longer any talk of renewing his contract after being eliminated from the Copa Sudamericana. And in the last few hours he expressed it to Miguel Jiménez, the vice president. Rubén Capria also expressed his anger, but to Víctor Blanco, celestial and white boss: not even the technical secretary is satisfied, especially for his contractual situation.

Gago asked for a meeting with the priests of the Academy. And despite the goal being to finish polishing the details of the next reinforcements (priority is a central scorer; it could be Franco Calderón, of the Unión), the coach told Jiménez that the talks had been paralyzed to finalize the extension of the match. his contract, which expires in December. His resentment has to do with the fact that Blanco has no longer communicated with him in that sense.

“Gago’s contract is valid, the decision to continue in Racing has been taken. Same with Capria, he’s a guy we appreciate, “the president said Clarione at night, shortly after the conclave he had with Capria.

The president and the coach met during the holiday of 25 May. The leader was so enthusiastic that he wanted to offer him a contract until 2024, when his term will expire and there will be elections.

Racing has won, appreciated and beaten Aldosivi but there is a bad climate in the club.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

Racing has won, appreciated and beaten Aldosivi but there is a bad climate in the club. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

gago meant a substantial salary increase (up to three more times), but he agreed to continue for just one more year, until December 2023. They decided to continue chatting. However, the defeats came with River de Uruguay for the South American and against Agropecuario, for the Argentine Cup. Likewise, Blanco went abroad to take a few days off. He came back last week, ready to move on with the renovation. But I found this scenario.

In the coaching staff, as he discovered this newspaper, they think they look at it sideways and speculate on the result of the classic on Sunday 10 July, at 15.30 in the Cylinder. Gago slipped into his environment that could have stretched his decision to renew until the end of the year. The biggest anger happens because Nery Domínguez will go to the U of Chile. Blanco publicly explained that it was impossible to compete with the dollars offered by the trans-Andes.

Meanwhile, Capria is upset because he asks for the signature of his bond, postponed from December. They promised to fix it.

Source: Clarin

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