Del Potro outraged with VAR and Conmebol for the penalty they did not give to Boca against Corinthians

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Del Potro outraged with VAR and Conmebol for the penalty they did not give to Boca against Corinthians

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Del Potro, a Boca fan, was angry with Conmebol, like all fans.

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Boca saved a precious 0-0 against Corinthians as a guest, as explained by the figure of Agustín Rossi, essential to save a penalty in the first half of a hard-fought and very balanced match, as always happens in Copa Libertadores.

A good match for the Battaglia team, who, beyond Rossi’s hands, consecrated Cassio, the Brazilian goalkeeper, as one of the figures. However, Xeneize was upset over an action that could have been a penalty for the visit, even though the VAR played against the Argentine side again.

Villa wanted to pass a through ball to Benedetto but the ball was caught by the hand of a Corinthians defender. The Chilean referee Tobar did not see him and the VAR did not call him to review him, so the action continued as if nothing had happened.

The move sparked the fury of Boca fans on the net, and among them one who stands out for his fanaticism: Juan Martín del Potro.

It is known that Delpo is not only a Boca fan but also has contacts with some former footballers and managers, has his box in the Bombonera and has come to participate in the farewell match of his great friend Martín Palermo.

Now, Delpo has echoed xeneize’s anger via Twitter. “Can you explain to me why you didn’t go to check your hand on the monitor? Sometimes it is difficult to understand how the use of VAR applies,” wrote the ex? tennis player on his social networks, citing Conmebol in his message.

Del Potro does not understand the VAR criteria, he is not the only one.

Del Potro does not understand the VAR criteria, he is not the only one.

The indignation of all Boca is also affected by all the sentences against him that he has suffered every time he has to play the tournament that governs the parent company of South American football.

And the best example is the last two VAR games that Boca had to play for Libertadores, none other than that series against Atlético Mineiro, also for the round of 16 but for the 2021 Cup.

Boca started with a little taste of Brazil and fans will go with faith to the Bombonera to give a twist to the series.

A very valuable draw

Boca came out unscathed from the Corinthians cauldron this Tuesday at the start of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2022, a day that saw the victory of Atletico Paranaense and Atlético Mineiro, stealing points in Guayaquil.

Xeneize, obsessed with winning the seventh Libertadores title to match Independiente as the most successful continental competition, achieved a goalless draw against a “Timao” who only harassed him in the first half and even had the luxury of wasting a penalty with Róger Guedes that Agustín Rossi covered.

The second leg of this duel will take place next Tuesday at the Bombonera and the winner will face the key winner between Flamengo and Colombian Tolima in the quarter-finals.

Source: Clarin

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