An abnormal Wimbledon who appears to be suffering from low blood pressure

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An abnormal Wimbledon who appears to be suffering from low blood pressure

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Tim van Rijthoven surprised Friday by beating Nikoloz Basilashvili out of the race. Photo: AFP

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Speak about the pressures It is one of the most recurring themes in recent times in the world of professional tennis. It has been theorized for a long time about the harmful effects which causes that pressure when it is out of control or when it is not managed or placed in a certain context. The damage suffered by some athletes is enormous.

But the pressure is not always negative. Nature marks him with his wisdom. Carbon under pressure turns into diamond. For this reason, well managed, well conceived and well contextualized pressures, in many cases, usually it gets a person, and in this specific case, a tennis player, to find his best versions. I insist, when that dose is right and tolerable, the pressure ends up being a stimulus. It ends up being a source of energy that helps overcome that difficult challenge or even is the key to getting out of an urgent situation.

What is this whole explanation about? The 2022 edition of Wimbledon is experiencing an anomalous situation that could also be attributed to the effect of pressure. But in this case due to the low pressure. We know that Wimbledon is not distributing points for the ATP and WTA rankings. And I think this too, in a way played against some tennis players who were not allowed to find that pressure to increase energy, focus and focus.

Beyond the lack of points, Novak Djokovic plays in another league.  The pressure is on the other side.  Photo: AFP

Beyond the lack of points, Novak Djokovic plays in another league. The pressure is on the other side. Photo: AFP

Just like when you drive a car because it doesn’t respond because you don’t feel it with the same power and the diagnosis indicates it has low compression or pressure loss, I think something similar is happening in this tournament. It is no coincidence that, of the 32 players in the third round of the two main draws, female and male, 15 were not seeded..

It is not a historical sign, but it is a sign that can be associated with the fact that many players lacked that level of pressure that comes from the points and that increases with the passing of turns to try to find that extra gear, that change this gives them a chance to find the speed they usually show in Grand Slam tournaments.

Curiously, most tennis players are born with reverse pressure. It is the economic pressure to have the necessary money to be able to travel, compete and in turn live without problems.. However, when they have been able to pass that filter, always complicated, and have been able to join the lot of the privileged, that pressure already changes towards the rankings. Because the economic thing, with a good ranking, is already solved.

That’s why I understand this tournament of Wimbledon may suffer from low blood pressure. Is that when there are points up for grabs extra pressure is generated and this causes the one who has a certain ranking and who is more likely to win for his history, his path and even a little bit for his hierarchy, take a small advantage when you face another tennis player who is often equal, but who suffers from difficulties when it comes to managing, above all, those key moments. You will surely remember games where the wrist starts shaking and you play tricks when an upset is about to occur or someone is about to get a huge win.. Fear can ruin a dream. This phenomenon, I believe, has happened to a much lesser extent in this tournament because those players who are about to get a big win feel a little more liberated because the cost is lower. Inside they may think: “If I lose, I lose and if I win I take home some more weight”.

Nick Kyrgios, a danger when the pressure is not there.  Photo: AP

Nick Kyrgios, a danger when the pressure is not there. Photo: AP

Not everyone competing at Wimbledon is convinced they can reach a final or win the tournament. Those are few. We are obviously talking about Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Even if the Greek will have Nick Kyrgios this Saturday, a caring rival for everything we’re talking about. Lack of pressure can help the eccentric Aussie find the perfect setting to show the world what he is capable of thanks to his enlightened madness. This combination makes some players play with some freedom because they have found in this edition a much friendlier scenario to handle those pressures. And this business of facing players who have a name, a career on the circuit and who beat them is always very difficult, now it becomes much easier to cheer up because there is less at stake. That’s why this tournament has that special topping.

Although, logically, there are also the best tennis players for whom the money – nor the lack of points – will not change their level of motivation in the slightest. They are the ones who are convinced they can win this title. Because you know: Wimbledon, the Wimbledon title, has neither price nor points.

Source: Clarin

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