How was Marcelo Bielsa’s unusual reaction when he saw Messi play for the first time in a video

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How was Marcelo Bielsa's unusual reaction when he saw Messi play for the first time in a video

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José Pekerman and Marcelo Bielsa, in times of selection. (Clarin Archive)

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Claudio Vivaformer member of the Argentine national team coaching staff at the time of Marcelo Bielsa as a coach, was one of the The main responsible for the discovery of Lionel Messi who for many is the best player in the world. In a face-to-face interview with TNT Sportthe current technical director of Banfield told how it was that moment in which, together with Bielsa saw a compact VHS with ten games. And Marcelo’s reaction was incredible.

The coaching staff of the Argentine national team was very astute in speeding up the procedures to get Messi dressed in blue and white. Lio, with just that 13 years, he decided to emigrate to Spain to start his journey in the Barcelona youth academy and achieve the successful career he has. Given the daily and constant work with the Spaniards, the Spanish national team took note of the young man born in Rosario for his qualities, and thus started the plan to convince him to join their national team.

In 2002 we went on tour and passed through Barcelonawe stopped at a hotel near the Camp Nou Y a person came to talk to mesaying it was from Rosario and that I had material from Lionel Messiwho was playing in the club’s youth academies, I told him I had known him since I was playing at Newell, and he told me that Spain was looking for him to playand I replied that it was impossible, “he said. Claudio.

Also, Greetings he added: “In that I tell him to leave me the materialactually full videos of Messi, and at that moment, which were VHS, I wore it and immediately Marcelo hit his hands and he tells me to put it at normal speed, because that way you couldn’t see it… and I reply that the video I was at normal speedAnd he told me ‘No, this guy is a phenomenon´and well yes I tell you ».

Lionel caught the attention of Marcelo Bielsa and his coaching staff after seeing some deals on his games. And this was a key discovery tool. “In November 2002 we returned from a tour with Argentina, a friendly against Japan and we gave that material to omar south Already Hugo Tocalliand then they did the rest. omar did a great job for Leo to be in Argentina today“, closed the current coach of Banfield.

Marcelo Bielsa was amazed to see Lionel Messi play for the first time.  (

Marcelo Bielsa was amazed to see Lionel Messi play for the first time. (

Having analyzed and been impressed by the qualities Lionel has shown in playing football, the Argentine national team has begun to speed up the process so that Spain does not get involved in the fight to keep the left-handed who today wears the Paris Saint Germain shirt. For this reason, the June 29, 2004the coaching staff immediately decided to play what he remembered friendly of the Under 20 against Paraguay so that Messi wears the shirt worn by Diego Armando Maradonaamong others, and invalidate Spain’s intention to dress him the Red.

The story he told Claudio Viva on the reaction of Marcelo Bielsa and on the work of the technical staff, it was fundamental for Lionel Messi start wearing the shirt albiceleste. An anecdote that has marked the history of the Argentine national team.

Source: Clarin

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