Who is Alexia Putellas, the star who was left without the European Championship: a hard personal story that did not stop her from reaching the Ballon d’Or

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Who is Alexia Putellas, the star who was left without the European Championship: a hard personal story that did not stop her from reaching the Ballon d'Or

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Alexia Putellas with Lionel Messi at the 2021 Ballon d’Or awards ceremony.

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In the last few hours, one of the worst news for the women’s European Championship has been confirmed. Two days after the debut Alessia Putellathe best player in the world, he suffered the torn ligament from his left knee in one of the training sessions of the Spanish national team.

This was a worldwide shock that rocked all supporters of The Red who expected to see her shine on the playing field. But he also punctually hit the world of Barcelona, ​​where the midfielder who won the 2021 Ballon d’Or plays football.

Xavi Hernández himself, coach of the men’s First Division, dedicated a heartfelt post to him on social media to the 28-year-old left-handed midfielder. The picture shows a young Alexia Putellas at the “Campus Xavi”, a place where young talents go to improve their learning of the game, together with the current technical director. A few years have passed since then.

Alexia Putellas and Xavi Hernandez.  Photo: Instagram.

Alexia Putellas and Xavi Hernandez. Photo: Instagram.

“Here I am with the best player in the world! She will show us all that she is a champion!”, Wrote the former midfielder who shone in the era of Pep Guardiola and became world champion in 2010 with the Spanish national team. Finally, she dedicated a motivational plea: “So much strength Alessia! you will come back stronger“.

But who is this footballer who is on everyone’s lips and is considered the best in the world?

Putellas will miss a tournament where he was supposed to be a figure.  Photo: Twitter.

Putellas will miss a tournament where he was supposed to be a figure. Photo: Twitter.

A bumpy start

Alexia Putellas was born on February 4, 1994 in Montes del Valles, Barcelona. In her childhood she never missed a soccer dive. She assembled her teams in her school herself and it was common to see her play with the boys. In this respect, she has never felt discriminated against. But she was also one of the most extraordinary. If it wasn’t her turn to choose her teammates, everyone wanted her on their team.

A fan of FC Barcelona, ​​he wanted to wear his club’s shirt. But while his technical ability was remarkable, there was no category for girls his age. Finally, he opted for the Sabadell. In the Barcelona club I played with 13-year-old girls when I was only 7.

Because of this difference, he spent more time on the bench than he would like. The girl was a regular substitute and, while not playing, built small sand castles on either side of the lime line. Of course, she had to unleash his creativity somehow.

His next club was Spanish, coincidentally the classic rival of the Catalans. He did inferior in that institute and made his professional debut with the shirt of parrots in the First Division in the 2010/2011 season. He was 16.

The following year he went to I raised. With the Valencian club he played a season that helped him have more minutes on the pitch and grew as a footballer. At that time he was one of the figures of the Spanish youth team.

A hard family loss

Alexia had already been part of the team that won the Under-17 European Cup in 2010 and 2011. And in 2012, as she prepared to face the finals of the Under-19 European Cup in Turkey, he suffered one of the hardest blows of his life: his father died.

Jaume Putellas had accompanied her in this dream of becoming a professional footballer. He was the man who had stood by her side when others were suspicious. The same one who conveyed the love for Barcelona. The Queen She had to focus on her professional career in full swing and, at the same time, grieve by leaning on her mother and sister.

It has become an icon of the city.  Photo: AFP.

It has become an icon of the city. Photo: AFP.

“If I ever fall, I think about what it would do in my situation and move on. She took me to football when I was little. He gave me everything. There is no time when I don’t remember it. Even in matches where my legs are missing, “he told the Spanish newspaper in an interview Village.

“He never told me what he did well and I got angry and said to him: Dad, I do things well too! As a child I was lazy and told myself I had to run more. I thank him because thanks to him I always demand the bestAlessio has finished.

In that Under 19 Eurocup they reached the final but lost to Sweden with a goal in extra time. Then came the moment he had always been waiting for. In July 2012 he signed for Barcelonathe club of his loves and changed the history of women’s football forever.

The club of his loves

The success in these ten years in the club azulgrana It could be summed up with the titles it has won: five Spanish Championships (2013, 2014, 2015, 2020 and 2021), five Queen’s Cups (2013, 2014, 2017, 2020 and 2021) and one Spanish Super Cup (2020). In addition, in May 2021 they won the first women’s Champions League in Barsa’s history after beating Chelsea 4-0.

2021 was his big year. Barcelona got the treble and Alexia was awarded by the magazine French football with the Golden Ball In that phase, with the captain’s ribbon on his arm, he scored about 30 goals and 20 assists. Additionally, she has been named by UEFA as Europe’s best midfielder, local tournament MVP and best player of the 2020/2021 season.

FIFA also distinguished it with The Best award. Her excellent sporting career led her to wear the Spanish national team jersey in two World Cups (Canada 2015 and France 2019).

The illusion of seeing Alexia Putellas best football in the Women’s European Cup will be put on hold due to her recent left knee injury. The Spanish women’s soccer team will therefore have to rearrange their game schedule so that the absence of the best player in the world goes unnoticed. Although the tournament starts this Wednesday, the red He only makes his debut this Friday at noon against Finland.

In the meantime, it will be necessary to see how he will recover from this injury and how much it will affect his sporting career. Even if something is clear. Alexia Putellas knows how to overcome difficult times. She has always done this all her life. The Queen who went from being the replacement who built sand castles, to being the best player in the world.

Source: Clarin

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