There will be a strong security operation in Independiente-Tigre for fear of clashes between the bars

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There will be a strong security operation in Independiente-Tigre for fear of clashes between the bars

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Aprvide authorities fear that a confrontation will take place between sectors of the Independiente gang. (Photo: Juano Tesone)

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The possibility of a confrontation between the two factions of the Independiente barra brava before, during or after the game to be played by the group led by Eduardo Domínguez this Saturday against the Tigers in Libertadores de América led to the Violence Prevention Agency in Sport of Buenos Aires ( Aprvide) to plan a reinforced security operation that includes the participation of over 600 members of the Provincial Police.

As reported by the body headed by Gustavo Javier Gómez, the operation will begin at 1:00 pm, six hours before the start of the match which corresponds to the ninth date of the Professional Soccer League Cup. The stadium doors will open at 4:00 pm with the goal of smooth entry despite the intense controls that will be carried out before entering the coliseum.

La Aprevide recommends that Independiente supporters attend Libertadores de América in advance and that they do so using their national identity document along with their ticket or social card. He also reported that vehicle traffic will be restricted on the perimeter consisting of the streets of Díaz Vélez, Alsina, Sagol, Diego Milito and Ricardo Bochini.

The strengthening of police control was due to the suspicion that on Saturday two sectors were bidding to control the barra brava of Pula they will try to resolve their differences in the stadium or around it. That suspicion put on the table of possibility that the meeting was held without an audience, although the body responsible for security in the province finally chose to allow supporters to attend and intensify prevention activities.

The perimeter on which vehicle circulation will be restricted around Libertadores de América.  (Photo: Preview)

The perimeter on which vehicle circulation will be restricted around Libertadores de América. (Photo: Preview)

Fear of the authorities arose after Pablo Álvarez (alias baby), former head of the bar, gathered this week his faction sides The Red Devils. The conclave was intended to organize troops with the aim of attempting recovery by the tribune command force.

Currently, the bar, which is usually occupied by Miguel Ángel Santoro the head of the Libertadores de América, is controlled by two groups: The Owners of Avellanedaled by Juan Eduardo Lenczicki (alias Juani) and Mario Gustavo Nadalich; at We arewhose boss was César Rodríguez (alias loquillo).

In September last year, Independiente supporters staged a fight with Karera supporters in the neighborhood of 4 de Junio, very close to the stadiums of both clubs. Nearly ten days later, there was a clash between the two sectors of the fans Pula at the door of the company’s headquarters on Miter Avenue, in Avellaneda, where a gun was also fired. The cause of the dispute was ticket distribution control when the public returned to the stadiums after the coronavirus pandemic.

In January of this year, there was a cross between the bars of Independiente and the residents of the Rancho Grande neighborhood, near the club grounds in Wilde, when a caravan of Independiente fans Pula who was heading to the Estudiantes stadium to watch a friendly against San Lorenzo encountered a cut on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway. The bar dispersed the demonstrators, but some of them responded with bullets and one of them, firing a compressed air gun, killed a fan, Juan Calvente.

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