Rodolfo Arruabarrena is excited: “The possibility of directing to a World Cup keeps me awake”

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Rodolfo Arruabarrena is excited:

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Rodolfo Arruabarrena has just two wins to take the United Arab Emirates team to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. (Photo: Ali Haider / EFE / EPA)

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Rodolfo Arruabarrena only needs two games to enter the Qatar 2022 World Cup. He knows it won’t be easy, as he will first have to beat Australia on June 7 in the final round of the Asian Football Confederation classification and then face Peru in the intercontinental playoffs a week later. But the Argentine coach of the United Arab Emirates team allowed himself to be under the illusion: “The possibility of managing a World Cup and making history with this team keeps me awake”.

In an interview with Radio Miter, the Basque analyze: “We have two months to prepare for the match against Australia in the playoffs, we know it will be difficult, but we are confident that we can compete. The good thing for training is I have all the league players in this country. The idea is to make history and for that I need the help of the federation ”.

On the other hand, saturated with Middle Eastern football, Arruabarrena left Lionel Scaloni with a warning about one of the rivals on the group stage: “Obviously Argentina is superior, but you have to be careful with Saudi Arabia. It’s a team that plays well from three quarters onwards, but makes mistakes on defense due to inexperience, but overall they play well ”.

The United Arab Emirates will face Australia on June 7. (Photo: EFE).

The United Arab Emirates will face Australia on June 7. (Photo: EFE).

His time in Boca: “Now I’d rather touch”

Arruabarrena also said he had the opportunity to return to work in Argentina. “But I’m not coming back because of a family decision,” he explains, and recalls his time in Boca as DT: “I tried not to confront, today maybe I would go more to the touch, but I left calmly. I think I did a good job, but it would have been better. ”

will i come back “Obviously, when the time comes. If there are possibilities to return to Boca, my heart will take me to say yes, but I don’t think it will happen in the next few years ”thought the Basqueand added: “To (Juan Román) Riquelme, in what I have said, I see him enthusiastic and eager.”

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