Luis Suárez, one step away from returning to Nacional de Uruguay: masks at the stadium, mosaic and ovations at 9 ‘

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Luis Suárez, one step away from returning to Nacional de Uruguay: masks at the stadium, mosaic and ovations at 9 '

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Luis Suárez’s masks among the supporters of the National team in Great Central Park. Photo Pablo PORCIUNCULA / AFP

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The illusion is huge and the dream was launched among the Nacional fans, who hope that Luis Suárez colors waste it more than money and chooses the Uruguayan club to play the remaining time until the World Cup in Qatar, after leaving Atlético de Madrid.

This Thursday, in the match against Cerrito for the Uruguay First Division (4-0 victory with a brace from the Argentine Emanuele Gigliotti), the Tricolor he planned the strategy and executed it from within the club: masks dal gunfighter and the “Come Home” banners that fans wore at the Gran Parque Central stadium.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper El País, “about 15,000 masks with the image of the Gunslinger” dressed the stands of the stadium demanding the return of a striker who had trained in the club and who would return after 16 years.

The contract would be short but very important because of the publicity it will give to the club: it lasted until the World Cup with the aim of winning the Copa Sudamericana and the Uruguayan Clausura Tournament, the two competitions that the team will face in the rest of the year.

“Virtually all the fans came in with a mask through gate 11 to access the stage, and if they didn’t have one, there were people in charge of giving it to them,” Ovación said. They also signaled the request of “three little fans” who, while eager to enter the venue, did not miss the opportunity to send a message to Suárez: “Come home”.

At the exit of the team, moreover, there was a mosaic in the shape of a shirt with the number “9”, the one that Suárez would wear, and in that minute of the match there was an ovation demanding the return of the gunfighter.

"Suarez to the national team".  The request of the fans in Central Park.  Photo Pablo PORCIUNCULA / AFP)

“Suarez to the national team”. The request of the fans in Central Park. Photo Pablo PORCIUNCULA / AFP)

The request adds to the large number of fans who have used the hashtag # SuárezaNacional on social networks and have managed to do so all over the world. This action, coupled with the trip to Spain by Nacional president José Fuentes, to chat with the number nine, begin to increase the Montevideo club’s illusion for a player who said “no” to River when Vélez left the pitch. . Libertadores Cup.

“I was very excited about the possibility of going to the River to fight for the Copa Libertadores. It was a dream that I had to win a cup in South America. Since River has been excluded, that possibility vanishes.”the 35-year-old forward told ESPN. “One of the things that motivated me was River, as Marcelo (Gallardo) acknowledged and I discussed it with Enzo (Francescoli). I was proud of that possibility, but since I couldn’t go to the second round due to a regulatory issue, the idea was to wait for the rooms … “, explained the attacker.

Then the Gunslinger, who confessed that he had completely excluded the possibility of playing in Brazil due to the busy schedule of tournaments in that country, fired at Nacional: “I’m surprised because the management of the Nacional didn’t even call me to find out my situation”.

The best scorer in the history of the Uruguayan national team added: “Because if I had thought and excited about the possibility of River, the same would have happened with the national team, which was my home”.

We see that this has already changed and now what is looking forward to keeping his services is the club he was formed in. All that remains is to wait, while in Montevideo they are waiting – this time – for a “yes” for an answer.

“Very positive meeting”

It was the president of the Charrúa institution, José Fuentes, who described the meeting he held Wednesday with the center forward in Madrid as “very positive”, where he went to personally tell Suárez “the importance” of his game in the Nacional. .

“It was a beautiful and very positive meeting. The family was present and the first thing I have to say is that Suárez is moved by the demonstration of affection from all over the countryI ask the fans for a day or two to continue with this move because it has touched him and his family “, said the president talking with the people of Radio Sport 890.

And he stressed: “The family is determined to go to Uruguay, we are very close. He is considering something else, but he is really moved by all the displays of affection, “said Fuentes, who also commented that the player would be moving from Madrid to his old home in Barcelona.

“The fact that the family is so convinced in seeing the affection of the fans is an important step in making this dream come true. The economic thing, for him and for us, will not be an obstacle, it is not about the money. retire “, added the president, who commented that he had spoken with Suárez” about the deadlines for playing the Copa Sudamericana “.

Source: Clarin

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