Prediction respected: Morena Beltrán is the tweeter who guessed the result of the Rosario classic

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Prediction respected: Morena Beltrán is the tweeter who guessed the result of the Rosario classic

Valentín Torres Erwerle with Morena Beltrán, sharing the preview of the classic of the Rosary. (Photo: Twitter)

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Many years have passed since then social networks emerging as the next big channel for independent journalism. And precisely, there are several young people who are starting to take their first steps in journalism through social networks. One of the great exponents of this new wave of tweeters is Valentin Torres Erwerleonly 17 years old.

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From your account Twitterwho has acquired great relevance in recent months from the threads with sports-related stories that he usually publishes, Valentín defines himself as a “future sports journalist”, who likes to watch football and learn about stadiums. People accompany the tweeter who has the great dream of being present in Qatar.

And the Torres Erwerle phenomenon does not only pass through these threads that add more and more visits to the bird’s social network. Since, in addition, Valentín, which has more than 140 thousand followerspulled out a sheet of talisman in the last weeks. When the tweeter says present on an Argentine soccer field, the venue adds three. From Rosario Central they invited him to be part of the classic, and Valentín did not fail.

The 17-year-old boy, in fact, not only contributed with his grain of sand with his presence in the great triumph of Carlos Tevez’s team, which won the classic thanks to a solo goal by Alejo Veliz. Valentín was also encouraged to predict the result just hours before the match began.

Next to Morena Beltran and in a dialogue that was broadcast by the networks of ESPN, Torres Erwerle could be seen very happy to be part of the classic feast of the Rosary. The sports reporter was encouraged to ask him how he felt about the game and the tweeter replied: “I see something positive. I see a 1 to 0”.

So it was. Minimum victory for Scoundrel, who celebrated once again against Newell’s. Valentin’s good streak has also been prolonged, as he has successfully accompanied clubs such as Argentinos Juniors, Atlanta and San Lorenzo, among others. On Twitter they ask that the tweeter travel with Lionel Scaloni’s team to Qatar.

From Rosario Central, they celebrated the team’s victory by posting a photo of the tweeter with Carlos Tévez through their networks, minutes after the celebration. “Valentin Torres Erwerle Masterclass!”they wrote from Scoundrel’s Twitter.

And just as Torres Erwerle was encouraged to roll a result, and even hit it, the one he preferred not to risk was Morena Beltrán. After predicting him, Valentín was quick and replied to the reporter: “And what do you see?” Morena replied with laughter: “I’m not going to say anything. You were really very brave.”

“Amuletín”, as he was dubbed in the last few hours by the networks, was encouraged to join the people’s request and, after Rosario’s victory, he wrote: “Now in Qatar, right?” Months before the start of the World Cup, will it be given to Valentín?

Torres Erwerle’s explosion in the networks

And to talk in depth about the Valentín Torres Erwerle phenomenon in the networks, the first thing to keep in mind is that his Twitter profile was recently opened in April 2021. Today, just over a year later, the 17-year-old boy is already close to various personalities in football and local journalism, and dreams of continuing to grow.

And it is more. The tweeter of the moment He even took the time to sign his first television appearance weeks agowhen he visited the studio of Europe’s goalssignal program ESPN. There, the charismatic influencer analyzed the current football of the Old Continent, faithful to his style and together with a group of speakers.

Valentín, who is a confessed River fan but chooses to be neutral on his networks, has also been part of a publication in recent weeks via Peñarol’s Twitter from Uruguay. The “Carbonero” presented right-back Pedro Milans, of Juventud de Las Piedras, and the tweeter said he was present in the campaign.

In addition to the video, the collaboration could also be seen in the young man’s profilewho wrote the following after attending the presentation: “The level of Peñarol’s marketing team is impressive. Each presentation is better than the last. Admirable creativity. Excellent.”

Torres Erwerle is sought after by various Argentine clubs. Everyone wants the great amulet of the Professional League to be present in their stadium. A few hours ago, Valentín replied to a user who invited him to go to La Bombonera this weekend, when they play Boca and Estudiantes. Valentin replied: “We will see on Sunday …”, and added: “If I go out unbeaten this weekend I will retire. There are very hard saves”.

Source: Clarin

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