TC2000: Ardusso flew the Rafaela Temple of Speed ​​and won the best race in a long time

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TC2000: Ardusso flew the Rafaela Temple of Speed ​​and won the best race in a long time

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Facundo Ardusso was Rafaela’s best. Photo: Mario Quinteros

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It will remain in memory. At a time when motoring, in general, is looking for different recipes to improve shows and attract the public from a sporting point of view, the TC2000 stood out in formidable contrast as he spoke a carrion, with great maneuvers, an incessant fight for victory between five candidates, the expectation generated up to the last meters and, of course, theto the adrenaline generated by a fast track like Rafaela’swhich in addition to allowing average speeds above 200 km / h, always maintains the tension for any hard hits.

And inside that cocktail the enormous figure of one of the great talents of national motorsport emerged: Facundo Ardusso, aboard one of the Puma Energy Honda Team vehicles. The near-local rider (a native of the nearby town of Las Parejas, in the province of Santa Fe), has emerged at the traditional national racecourse, where victories have been elusive, despite setting one of the long-awaited records.

It is that Ardusso was the one who made the fastest lap when the category was looking for speed records. On August 10, 2012, the Santa Fe driver had set an average speed of 364.796 kilometers per hour on the oval.

This time, with the chicanes included, Ardusso managed to fight against the power of the Renault and Chevrolet of the champion Agustín Canapino.

Ardusso, thanks to his talent and experience, dominated Rafaela.  Photo: Mario Quinteros

Ardusso, thanks to his talent and experience, dominated Rafaela. Photo: Mario Quinteros

The race

Ardusso started from third place. In front he had the Renault of Matías Milla and the young Ignacio Montenegro. Behind, the Chevrolets of Bernardo Llaver and of Canapino himself. Everyone organized an extraordinary show.with tip variations lap after lap.

A circuit as fast as Rafaela, the aerodynamic aspect is fundamental. Each body exerts resistance against the air mass, and the better the coefficient, the better the aerodynamic impact penetration. And what goes behind another car, takes advantage of the “void” left by the car in front, and this facilitates overtaking.

Milla, Montenegro, Canapino and Ardusso knew what it means to become the “locomotive” of that little train that formed in the long straights and wide curves, albeit permanently overtaken by those behind.

Halfway through the test, the twist came, which wasn’t exactly a success. In this case, the Chevrolet’s impeller temperature has stopped Canapino. In addition to losing the chance to fight for the victory, an obstacle in the fight for the championship.

Towards the end Julián Santero appeared with enormous pretensionsthe Toyota Gazoo Racing driver, who started in 17th place, became a serious candidate for victory fighting until the last meters with Ardusso and Montenegro.

There was no coincidence: Ardusso’s talent and experience prevailed to take the victory, denied to Rafaela’s “close” driver. Montenegro was left with anger because they had left him without using two shots since Push-to-Pass (the system that gives more power to the engine in determined and limited actions), which, according to the young Patagonian driver, deprived him of the victory, and Santero himself, who achieved a sensational comeback to score excellent points in the championship.

Ardusso was happy to win close to home.  Photo: Mario Quinteros

Ardusso was happy to win close to home. Photo: Mario Quinteros

With the fourth place obtained in the end, leaving his partner Milla in 5th place, Leonel Pernía remains the leader of the championship, with 175 points, followed by Llaver, with 168; Santero, 166, and Canapino, 138.

Ardusso, the rider who took a risk entering the Puma Energy Honda Team a season ago, this year made his debut with a Civic but in the face of uncompetitive performance he returned to his previous car, and thus, overcoming obstacles, he shone again in the TC2000, category that did not win since July 14, 2021, in Paraná.

One of the country’s great midfielders has reappeared in the best race of recent times in national motorsports. Owner of that speed record in Rafaela, he balances a loose score and wins. And how he did it, in an unforgettable race in the Temple of Speed.

Canapino’s anger:


“I’m having a bad time,” Canapino released. Photo: Mario Quinteros.

Agustín Canapino had a strange weekend in Rafaela with the TC2000. Attention was drawn to the statements made on Saturday in Carburando, when he indicated that he was “angry”. Then his car was denounced for a technical detail, specifically the wheel cover, which indicated the non-compliance with the regulations. Finally, the champion came out of that situation unscathed.

“I’m having a hard time, I’m angry”, Canapino admitted, alluding to the possibilities that elude him to be ahead in the championship. According to the driver, “these are problems external to the team” when referring to the engine, which is delivered by the category.

In the end, Canapino left for the engine temperatureeven though Guillermo Cruzzetti himself, the team’s technical manager, indicated that it was why “A stone that broke the radiator”.

the other winners

Due to the fog that affected much of the region, the activity was delayed, so after the TC2000 other categories were published. Facundo Márques won in the TC2000 series, followed by Felipe Barrios Bustos and, third, by the Uruguayan Rodrigo Aramendia.

In the National Formula, Tiago Pernía, son of the TC2000 driver Leonel, has prevailed, escorted by Emiliano Stang and Thomas Pozner.

Christian Romero won in the Fiat Competizione, followed by Ernesto “Tito” Bessone and Leandro Rama.

Rafaela. Special for Clarin.

Source: Clarin

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