River is a Monumental brand: one million fans in 16 games

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River is a Monumental brand: one million fans in 16 games

This is what the Monumental looked like the day River won the championship. And the trend continued in that direction. Photo: Juano Tesone

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In the last 16 matches of Marcelo Gallardo’s team, Antonio Vespucio Liberti appeared packed. Around 72,054 fans filled the stands and it looks like the streak won’t stop. With such a succession of full capacities, those of Núñez have reached a figure that strikes, precisely, the Monumental …

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Last Thursday, in the 1-0 victory against Gimnasia de La Plata, a milestone was reached beyond the first of Miguel Angel Borja and Pablo Solari in River. Yes, as announced on Monday on the club’s website, against Pipo Gorosito’s Lobo the figure of over 1,000,000 fans in the stands in 16 games was reached. And on Sunday, against Sarmiento, the bill will add another 70,000 souls …

The series of sold out stadiums included the Professional League Cup matches, the Libertadores (the three group stage matches and the second leg against Vélez for the round of 16) and the current Professional League championship. “This is a historic event for South American and world sport,” the club announced on its networks as the news broke.

River has reached one million fans in just 16 games as it has one of the largest capacity stadiums in South America. And, over time, it will be even bigger … Which will allow him, among other things, to break the record more easily. It is that work has already begun in Núñez to expand the capacity of Liberti.

With the works already seen at the Monumentale, the Governing Board’s goal is to increase the capacity to 81,000 people, which will make it the largest stadium on the continent. The works will be completed in mid-2024, although the first part will be completed in early 2023.

The impressive milestone coincided with the return of the drums to the Monumental, which have already played four games, after the return on Saturday 25 June against Lanús, when that musical instrument reappeared on stage in Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta, from 50 people driving percussion in the Middle Sívori.

With the battery in the stands, which even Gallardo admitted he missed, River took over his stadium four times. And the movement won’t stop. On Monday, in the announcement of the record, da Núñez again warned that in the next few days a new call will be opened through the social networks of the club so that all partners and members of Somos River who want to join this initiative to participate and have River validation and that of the various security organizations.

Source: Clarin

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