The cry from Sava in the midst of the scandal between Barracas Central and Patronato: “It makes me want to cry and not direct anymore!”

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The cry from Sava in the midst of the scandal between Barracas Central and Patronato:

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Facundo Sava, face to face with Baliño, referee of the controversial Barracas Central vs Patronato. Photo: ESPN capture.

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Barracas Central defeated Paraná’s Patronato 2-1 with a scandalous ending caused mainly by a controversial arbitration by Jorge Baliño.

After the game ended, Facundo Sava, coach of Entre Ríos ‘team, went to look for Baliño, sparking a pitched battle in which players from Entre Ríos’ team ended up beating the police.

On the field Patronato did not disappoint and played better than his rival, despite playing with 10 players in the first half and some very dubious mistakes by Baliño, who was the protagonist along with a very “jealous” VAR with the actions that involved visiting.

But what ended up bringing the Paranaenses out was that the referee only allowed four minutes of injury time, when the game was stopped for a whopping 10, which caused great anger from the visiting team and their coach Facundo. Sava, who ended up attacking Baliño, while his followers argued with the police.

In fact, the technical organ of the Board of Trustees raised the intention to report a “police attack” against their players.

Very nervous, Sava passed in front of an ESPN reporter who put the microphone on the coach, extracting a statement that shows the more visceral and spontaneous side of the former footballer of Ferro, Boca, Racing and many teams.

“It makes me want to cry and go home and never direct in my life again,” Sava shouted.

The board of trustees had to be delayed after the match by the police due to an alleged attack that Baliño would have received.

“I am very hot, I do not want to make many statements. We should look at the actions of the party, because what is said was a robbery that was committed against the institution,” said Oscar Lenzi, president of the institution Entre Ríos. . And he added: “With Baliño it never went well, I feel betrayed.”

Source: Clarin

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